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Fun run with the Leysin run club. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Fun run with the Leysin run club.

Hey last friday we had an appointement with the local run club which are mostly kids!

They have been seeing the triathletes training here in the summer for many years and have had several get-togethers but this one was a bit special, because the mayor of the mountain was present!

The goal was to basicaly solicitate some funds for the kids, to help their running endevors!


We signed many autograph’s, t-shirts, hats, ect. and all the kids where supper exited to show off the medals they had won this year! They ranged from cross country running to track events to field events and also some road races!


We also did a short lap of the “forest loop” with the kids! But after a hard swim and a long hilly ride, we where are a little tired, and when the kids took off, well they REALLY took off! I can still remember being that young and energetic!


But as expected, they slowed down on the up hill ;)


After a fast loop, they where a little tired…


But after a quick re-group we showed them some top secret TBB streches and drills! YEAH RIGHT! I know Brendon was hurting during those!


Afterwards the kids went running back and fort over a 200m track, that was specially made for a very famous bod-sleeder who lives or lived here?


And we also got fed =)


Anyway, like always, the goal of these meetings, if not to force or convince the youth to become proffessional athletes, but more to teach them to utilize sport, as a vessel to teach them the principals of hard work, consistency and self belief and the while learning about fair competition, how to accept defeat and to be humble during victory.

Especially with these kids, who live in such a safe and wonderfull country, where sport can allow them to travel to foreing destinations, see and taste the world, hear and meet different people, who might come from un-priviledge back grounds, who they would have never meet, or been to, without the journey of sport.

With the ultimate goal of them growing into gratefull, honest and competitive humans.

Bon soir.


Et bonne nuit :)


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