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A nutritious day @ the TBB batcave! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


A nutritious day @ the TBB batcave!

Hey I have been here for over 3 weeks now and we have been refering to our appartement as the BATCAVE! Because if you observe James (batman) and Scotty (robin) go about their trainining together, you’ll understand why!

Since I have been living with the dynamic duo, daily nutrition is a HUGE part of our training/recovery! My diet has changed a little big since I have been here, less rice and fruit replaced by more dairy and bread =)

Heres a typical day of eating:

It start with the coffee


And then some bread with knock off nutela with banana toping!


Breaky number two, here is a batman special:

A bowl of muselix with strawbery yogurt, banana and kiwi chunks!


Here’s Robin powered by baggets on his long ride!


And of course another coffee dose is a crutial part of breaky # 2


For hydration, robin use to wash down the cheppo ice tea from the COOP —>


But now, Alex got us a NUUN hydration sponsorship and we got ourself a box of NUUN in the batcave! THANX NUUN!


For lunch I like to make a fresh and colorfull salad!

-Half roman lettuce
-1 tomato
-1 hand full of peanuts
-1 hand full of chesse bits
-2 grated carrots
-2 hard boiled eggs

With the dressing of your choice!


For supper, my favorite has been chicken pasta with pesto:

-1 cup of noodles
-2 chick breast
-3 tea spons of olive oil
-1 cut up tomato
-1 hand full of parmesan chesse!
-1 huge slabber of GARLIC BASIL PESTO!



And then for desert I like to have a bar of chocolate! These ar supper cheppo, they cost 0.45 cents for 100g bar =)


At the local COOP, they have great prices of certain items that are PINK label, those are the no name “prix garanty” which means in english garanted price!

It seems to me, like the local Swiss, are a little to proud to buy the PINK label cheppo brands, but for us at the batcave, we have NO SHAME in showing up at the counter with a WHOLE basket of PINK label items!


So basically, as you can see, we eat very good and very balanced here at the batcave! Eating healthy is important not only for our bodies but for our minds! I believe that all engines need a bit of oil and grease to run smoothly ;) our bodies are no different!

If I actually had money, I might eat a bit differently, but I would still by some PINK label item, because thats how I BE!

Heres a cool pic of me and Perdo Quatro from our Cervelo photoshot last week!


And finally, heres a picture of a nice rainbow outside our window!


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