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VIVE LE TOUR ! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog




On Saturday night, after our training was done, me and Scotty went on a 100km road trip to Morzine France to meet up with AJ and his mate who rode there during the day from Leysin! We then watched the consolation final of the soccer world cup and then planned our day to watch what would turn out to be a very dramatic day in this years tour =)


Morzine has hosted the tour several times and is presently bidding to host the 2018 winter Olympic Games with Annecy! Its at about 1000m altitude and was buzzing with cycling fanatics from all over the globe, especially americans!


On Sunday morning after my logn run, I was directed by the lady at the front desk to an ouber nice outdoor 50m pool near the city center, like a good triathlete I had a
swim gear handdy and went for a short swim! Well, long for some, but short according to TBB standarts ;)


After that I meet up with the guys and we had a quick lunch near the main strip and waited for the sponsor caravans!


These caravans throw out to the crowds some random gear like little packs of chips, jujubes, hats, giant hands, key chains, ect.

The trick was, to stand near a group of small kids because the people in the caravans where prone to throw the “shawg” to them, versus some beared dude on the side of the road and then all we had to do was hussle to the free stuff =)


After that, we quickly went to the pub and watch the tour LIVE and then once they summited the second to last col, we headed out about 2km into the final climb and then waited anxiously! I agree, AJ needs a tan ;)


This is a shoot of the break away group!


Heres Lance wayyyy back after 3 crashes during the stage…


And then shortly afterwards the “maillo jaune” Sylvain Chavanel!


I had planned to run beside Canuck cyclist Ryder Hesjedal (3rd in the GC on that day) like a geek and slap him on the ass but all the groups where surrounded by motor bikes and team cars…And even if it was up hill, there where flying up there. In fact, some of these guys, had their mouth closed and looked like they where just cruzing…ummm a little suspicious…

After that, we rushed back to the pub, watch a very exiting finish and then saw a HUGE cervelo truck!


After that, we quickly left and drive out into the sunset back to Leysin to watch the world cup soccer final!


This is what they call, A REAL BEEEER!


Anyway, to SUM it up, this was a very special experience, the atmosphere, the smilles, the cheering and to be this close to the tour de france, an event I watch so many times on TV over the year! Also a big thanx to AJ who was the master mind behind this trip!

This is an experience I recomend to all, cyclists, non-cyclist, cycling synics, ect.


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