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Bike maintenance.

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Hey pretty much exactly 2 years ago I broke my collar bone just in front of Uncle Heads store in Subic Bay, Philippines. I was ridding to the pool in the morning on my way to meet Reinaldo who had just arrived in town from the Beijing Olympics.

While going over a speed bum on a downhill, of which I had gone over a 100 times in the past with no problem.

But that day, was to be different, the bolts in my stem snapped, my handle bars dropped and I hit the ground and then the curve of the side walk at about 45 kph!!!

I heard a loud crack, and when I tried to lift myself up, I felt sharp pain…

After a 5 day stay at the James Gordon hospital, I walk out with 5 screws and a titanium plate in my right collar bone.

Sometimes when im in bed, half a sleep or when I wear a seat belt or when its cold or when I go over pot holes on my bike, I am reminded of that day 2 years ago.

This could have been easily avoided, by simply, cleaning the bolts of my stem, lubing them and then applying a special paste that helps carbon stick together properly.

So 1 month after my crash, I started ridding outdoors again, and wanted to get a tune up at the newly opened bike boutique

Here are some vivid pictures of was discovered.

Yes that white stuff came from my sweat!!


Another hole!

A closser look!

Okay I know this is a bit extreme, as I am a pretty heavy sweater and that was after living in South East Asia for about a year!

But the warning is clear, MAINTAIN your bikes regularly, I am now addicted to cleaning my bike, and making sure, its safe because now im in th Swiss montains and you know, where very often on the edge of a cliff!

where now at the end of warm summer months, well for us in the northern hemisphere and its very likely that many, have spent many many hours sweating over their bikes for miles and miles, and never second though about the possible deterioration of the smaller parts of their equipement.

The bike parts we use these days, are not super strong, because of an obsetion with light weight…So check your bikes, because when you crash, your not the only one whos affected.

Jo Spindlers P4.

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Hey well in the last few days the Bat-cave has turned into the German-cave! Each trip to the bathroom, or out the door, I catch a glimpse of Jo’s ride!

His bike is quite un-orthodox and interesting.
Its clear that Jo is a thinking man looking to optomise is equipement.
And with his permission, I tough it be cool to write piece about it!!

Cervelo get your note pad out!!

So the first thing Jo did when he got his ventus aerobars he cut them and put on his own stem!

No offence 3T put as triathletes, we need our gear to be adjustable and aerodynamic at the same time, as we spend much more time in the aero position that cyclist.

Graeme Obree prouved to the world over a decade ago that aerodynamics and hard training was much more important than weight!

Bar tape is for people with soft hands! Many of the new supper bikes have complicated internal cable jobs, thus making the new and expensive shimano Di2 the best option for smooth and crisp shifting.

Also if you look at the partial external routing of his back brake cable, its clear that its a straiter line with less curves, which allows him better back braking than most P4

Maybe a bit of an aerodynamic compromise, but Jo is a familly man so safety first in the mountains!

Anyway, as for me, I will be heading with Amy to a race next sunday in france, Le Triathlon De Jura

Congrats to Ryan Cochrane!

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Hey a few hours ago, my old Island Swimming lane mate Ryan Cochrane won the 1500m freestyle at the Pan Pacific Champs in Irvine California!

His time of 14:49 is the fastest in th world this year, of which would have allowed him to also win the Europeen champs last week by over 6 seconds! But it still 9 seconds off his best time, clocked with one of them cheat suites…

In the process, he beat the current 1500m world/olympic champion and also the curent 800m world champion!

Anyway, big congrats once again Cochatoo!
Keep it rooling!

Embruman short course and more!

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Hey as I stood on the startline at the front of the field.
Moments before the start, I pulled my googles down to giv’em a lick to clear the fogg that accumulated when all of a sudden SNAP!!!

M*%@*& F*!*$)(

My googles SNAPED, my heart rate increase and my legs felt heavy… So I quickly turned around and fought through hundreds of frenchy’s in wetsuits and sprinted back to transition, and of course transition was closed but I did not care, I ran through and grapped my spare blue seventy googles (yes I am paranoid) and then sprinted back pass the angry voluntears and elbowed my way, well tried to…Get back to the front of the field before the gun goes off.

POWL the gun goes off!!!

A that point im still far from the front and my spare googles are in my hand still…

So I ran into the water, as I put my googles on my faces and tackling several other athletes and even stepping on a few that decided to start swimming in 2 feet deep of water!

I punched.
I slapped.
I bit.
I screamed.
I kicked.
I swam over and under.
I motored all the way to the lead swim group.

At that point, I was half way into the swim and man was pumping oxygen and had that famillar burn in my shoulders and hip flexors!!

So i just sat behind…

Once out of the water, I ripped my wetsuit and goodles off and mounted my bike.

After about 50m of flat ridding I started going a 7km climb.
Its wasn’t all that step but I was breathing heavilly at that point and had a few guys in sight up the road.

I climbed in and out of the saddle and only got passed by a hand full of athletes.

Once at the top, I rode on an ondulating ridge where I got into my 3T aerobars and caught up to some of the ridders up ahead, but then we started the downhills and man to some frenchy’s go down quick!!!

After a few kilometers, I ended up following this one athletes who had fancy ZIPP wheels on with tubulars. I guess he wasn’t all that comfortable on them as I was able to stay within reasonable distance and follow his line with my token C50′s training wheels.

I squezzed my 3T drops with a white knuckle grip until the flat section of the highway where I got back into my 3T aerobars and took off!

As I was catching up to some ridders who passed me on the downhill’s I was suddenly passed by a convoit of cars that then overtook the group just in front of me and all off a sudden the ridders went behind the cars and just disapeared up the road…


After a few smaller hills and a wrong turn at a roundabout I got into transition.

I quickly slapped on my AVIA bolts and ran up some hills, after I got on the lake side trail and had nobody in sight…I keep to turn my legs and pump my arms and then at the turn around, I could tell I was running better than most I saw and then believed that if I dug in I could catch some athletes.

Well in the final 2km I ran passed 4 guys, including 1 in the last 200m.

I crossed the line pretty wasted and layed on the ground to catch my breath.

8th accross the line was enuff to win a small paycheck, and be able to quote “I ran myself into the money” which is something I have never done, ever.

When I look back, my race was the opposite of most my races.
I had a really bad start, and a very good finish!

This trip was a great experience because I got to spend some quality time with some of my teamates, see them race well and learned new things and got to see all the long distance racers suffer on the run course =)

Brando eating something, somewhere at sometime.

On both trips, to and from the race we got to drive up the famous Col de Galibier.

Me and Scotty agreed that we have to come back and ride up and down this in-famous mountain!

Oh and one last detail, this race had a twist on the run course. The organisers decided to go green and come up with a system that you got to clip an Embrunman cup to your race belt that was given in your race package.

Well this system definetly need some improvement but, but has a point, to reduce waste at races. Lets say an athlete takes 1 cup at each aid station, every 2km for a marathon, thats 21 cups, minimum because some athletes like to grab a few.

So 21 cups and lets say in a WTC ironman where theres 2000 athletes, thats 42 000 cups wasted, MINIMUM!!! Versus producing a pastic cup, with the name of the race that can be used for many years down the road for various drinks or just as a simple momento.

Lots of room for improvement, but good on Embrunman for being aware of the environement…

Next race will be —-> www.triathlondegerardmer.free.fr