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Jo Spindlers P4. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Jo Spindlers P4.

Hey well in the last few days the Bat-cave has turned into the German-cave! Each trip to the bathroom, or out the door, I catch a glimpse of Jo’s ride!

His bike is quite un-orthodox and interesting.
Its clear that Jo is a thinking man looking to optomise is equipement.
And with his permission, I tough it be cool to write piece about it!!

Cervelo get your note pad out!!

So the first thing Jo did when he got his ventus aerobars he cut them and put on his own stem!

No offence 3T put as triathletes, we need our gear to be adjustable and aerodynamic at the same time, as we spend much more time in the aero position that cyclist.

Graeme Obree prouved to the world over a decade ago that aerodynamics and hard training was much more important than weight!

Bar tape is for people with soft hands! Many of the new supper bikes have complicated internal cable jobs, thus making the new and expensive shimano Di2 the best option for smooth and crisp shifting.

Also if you look at the partial external routing of his back brake cable, its clear that its a straiter line with less curves, which allows him better back braking than most P4

Maybe a bit of an aerodynamic compromise, but Jo is a familly man so safety first in the mountains!

Anyway, as for me, I will be heading with Amy to a race next sunday in france, Le Triathlon De Jura

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