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Bike maintenance. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Bike maintenance.

Hey pretty much exactly 2 years ago I broke my collar bone just in front of Uncle Heads store in Subic Bay, Philippines. I was ridding to the pool in the morning on my way to meet Reinaldo who had just arrived in town from the Beijing Olympics.

While going over a speed bum on a downhill, of which I had gone over a 100 times in the past with no problem.

But that day, was to be different, the bolts in my stem snapped, my handle bars dropped and I hit the ground and then the curve of the side walk at about 45 kph!!!

I heard a loud crack, and when I tried to lift myself up, I felt sharp pain…

After a 5 day stay at the James Gordon hospital, I walk out with 5 screws and a titanium plate in my right collar bone.

Sometimes when im in bed, half a sleep or when I wear a seat belt or when its cold or when I go over pot holes on my bike, I am reminded of that day 2 years ago.

This could have been easily avoided, by simply, cleaning the bolts of my stem, lubing them and then applying a special paste that helps carbon stick together properly.

So 1 month after my crash, I started ridding outdoors again, and wanted to get a tune up at the newly opened bike boutique

Here are some vivid pictures of was discovered.

Yes that white stuff came from my sweat!!


Another hole!

A closser look!

Okay I know this is a bit extreme, as I am a pretty heavy sweater and that was after living in South East Asia for about a year!

But the warning is clear, MAINTAIN your bikes regularly, I am now addicted to cleaning my bike, and making sure, its safe because now im in th Swiss montains and you know, where very often on the edge of a cliff!

where now at the end of warm summer months, well for us in the northern hemisphere and its very likely that many, have spent many many hours sweating over their bikes for miles and miles, and never second though about the possible deterioration of the smaller parts of their equipement.

The bike parts we use these days, are not super strong, because of an obsetion with light weight…So check your bikes, because when you crash, your not the only one whos affected.

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