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Triathlon Longue Distance De Jura. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Triathlon Longue Distance De Jura.

Hey has me and Amy where standing on the beach with hundreds of other athletes in wetsuit, this is how things went.

Amy: Mat, when did they say where starting?
Me: Hummmmm…


Luckly I had my googles on already and after a pretty chaotic 200m I had clear water and moving fluidly through the water of Lac Vouglans

Just over 36 minutes later, I exited the swim in first place, with about a 1 min on the nearest athlete!

Once on my bike, I put on a pair of arm warmers and then set off on board Pedro Quatro! About 2km into the ride, I confronted a hill that was rummord to be 18% gradient and be about 300m long. Well, I reckon those rummors where pretty acurate!

After that, I rode the first 30km loop and feed consistently as I rode over miscelanious and narrow roads. I got passed by a few guys, I mean I got blow by a few guys that where ridding a level or two better than I was…

I stayed focus I keep to feed, and then took on the second loop, which was 50km long.

With about 20km to go, I was going up this hill that just keep on going!!Im guessing it must have been atleast 10km long, but at near the top, I caught up to 2 ridders how had blown by me earlier.

Once on the downhills, I gripped on my 3T drop bars and hung on to them crazy frenchy ridders!

Once on the not crazy hilly roads I finished my calorie drink and got in my big gear and passed the two frenchy ridders and came into transiton!

Once on the run, I started out with a shorter and shoppier stride, and then all of a sudden I was running in this tunnel of trees and across this field with long grass and holes! I could see an athlete up the road, so I knew I was on the right track!

Once on the road again, I slowly but surely ran down the athlete in front of me and ran over the rolling hills of the out and back run course! The turn around was a 3km run loop, so I did not see any of athletes I was chassing…

At the aid stations, I exclusively drank COKE

Only every other aid station had coke, the other just had water and wet sponges…I simply ran through in hopes to cut seconds in the athletes in front of me…The voluntears where quite suprised when I did not take any wet sponges!

It was like 20 degrees out there, thats maybe one of the coldest races I have done in the last 3 years!!!

I pushed hard all the way to the finish line and got 5th place! And a small paycheck!! I was greated by my little Joyette who was souper proud of me!

20 minutes later, Amy crossed the line and smashed the course record! I had to act as her translater for the enthusiastic french crowd!

And then onto the podium ceremony!

And then a reward for having the fastest run split! Something that is pretty rare for me so I treated myself to a nougat and caramel ice cream!!

And then after the race, me and cowboy Brando “dorked” around with the bike rack for a while because you know, theres like 20 thousand dollars worth of Cervelo bikes on that rack thats gonna be towed around the Alpes at 120+ KPH

So now back to the Batcave, for some TBB recovery training, the next morning after the race, WOAH did not expect that but it made me feel much better for this mornings swim…AH! Who knew? Doc did!!

So up next, is a trip with Joyette and Steve to the Gerardmer triathlon this weekend!

Results from the race can be found here!

A finally, thanx a tone to the race organisation for giving us a free entry and special treatment before the race, it left a lasting impression in my mind!!

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