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The past week in Cagayan De Oro!

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Hey since I got back from Cebu, I have been pretty busy here in CdeO with training, the kids of the Batang Sports Institute and Joyette who came for a visit!

Somedays I start with a run to avoid the heat.
Other days I run off the bike in the heat.
But I rarely get the best of both worlds…

Joyette escaped the Thilla in Manila to visit me for the weekend!

Everyday we went to ride in the mountainous province of Bukidnon, birth place of Manny Pacquiao! There tones of lush and green forest! She’s getting ready for the Tour Of Matabukay, so she was keened to ride somewhere else than the Mall of Asia or indoor trainer!

In the evenings, I take care of the kids of the Batang Sports Institute and make sure they work hard and train simple!

Because the kids are all in school still, they can only start training at 5pm. And because the Philippines doesn’t do daylight savings and its the rainny season. We are left to improvise some strenght sessions in between runs and swims.

Here, the kids favorite ;)
The wall sits!
As test of will and pain tolerance!

Anyway, now Joyette is gone back to Manila and I am here for one more week, to keep pushing the training and leave a lasting impression on the kids!

Special thanx to Coy Fuentes and Armand Ansaldo for the great shots!

Cebu racing training/camp weekend in pictures!

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Hey last weekend I travelled to the Island of Cebu to do races and host an age group training camp!

Myself and my girl friends brother hosted the camp out of the Holiday Gym and Spa!

First day of camp on friday, was a open water skills swim. The hardest thing when I work with late starting age groupers, is to stress to NOT TRY TO SWIM LIKE I DO!!!

Most of all the campers did this race, a first time event!

Moving well on the hot and humid run.

Me with one of our campers Gianluca after his first ever triathlon! He back it up with the run race the next day!

Me with Karl and Banjo, 2 boys from the Batang Sports Institute in Cagayan de Oro, Banjo actually got 3rd and won his first ever prize money!

Top 3 overall with the organisers.

The evening after the race, we all talked about our races, and broke down what went right and what went wrong!

Most of all the campers back up with the run the next morning, a very hilly course, where we had to carry a flag for more than half way!

The start of the run, we had to stay behind a gate! Dont be folled by our smiles, it as very tense moment, the music was loud and hot already and people jocking for position at the front!

Once the gun went off, I was left behind, but caught up to a lot of ground on the uphills!

Mens podium of the 16km run. Got 5th and I feel like I stand out ;)

A wacky jump shot to finish the camp! Well we tried our best, expecially Noy!

A cool sign I saw on Mactan Island!