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Taiwan 70.3 Race Report. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Taiwan 70.3 Race Report.

Hey well I raced the inagural Taiwan 70.3 last weekend and had tedious race for an average result. I really hate writting blogs about a bad race, I try to avoid it most of the time but I guess writting it, atleast for my readers, is a step towards maturity and professionalism.

Thanx to the race organisation, I was put up at the Yoho bike hotel and had a normal few days pre-race. Theres is a high end bike shop within this hotel! Actually there pretty much everything in this hotel! I would love to come back, when its quieter and spend more time, like for a training camp as I found it to my liking!

The days leading onto the race, the weather was cool and windy!
Race day, was a bit warmer, and a bit windier!

Typical race start caos!

Lap 1 done in 2nd place, now time to cut into the slower swimmers still doing there first lap.

After a bit of an embarassement, I got to my Cervelo P4 in between the race leader and everybody else.

From the start of the bike, my legs and lower back where super tight.
I keep to push on my pedals and start the fuelling process.

Slowly but surely I got passed, then dropped by several athletes.
At that point, I keep to punch my pedals and believing the day is still long.
Only at about 75km, that start to find my rythym and get rolling.

Even though I felt crap most of the ride, I keep to push all the way to the end.

Once on the run, I started to run uphill and all of a suden I could see there was 3 athletes within a kilometer. Which means my efforts until the very last bit of the bike had not been wasted.

I made a pass and was pacing off the athlete in front of me.
Experience told me to take my time at the aid stations and fuel up.

After lossing some ground on the guys a ahead of me because of my slow pit stops, I keep my rythym and waited until I could smell some blood.

After a bit, the guys up the road ran out of sight and I was struggling in the heat.
My legs where tightening up quick and my stops at the aid stations where getting longer. None the less, I pushed the best I could between the aid staitions.

With about 2 km to go, theres a was a turn around and saw I was close to a couple athletes, so I picked up my leg speed and made a dash to the finish. The last bit was downhill so pretty much everybody ran well and no late race pass for me today.

One of the few times in my life I wish the run was a bit longer. Well, it might actually been long looking at the splits.

Un-impressed and under-whelmed with 10th place.

Well nothing really to add, still got 3 races to do before the end of the season.
Im going to be in Subic Bay for 1 week and then off to my favorite country in Asia, Thailand =)

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