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Super Tri Series. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Super Tri Series.

Last Sunday me and Joyette got up at 3am to drive to the LakeShore area do to a double sprint, which was 750m swim-20km bike- 5km run REPEAT no brakes in between!

There wa a boat (out of the picture) that brought the kids out in the lake, so they could start their race! I guess this is literally no turning back at this point ;)

First kids out of the water!

The kids in and out of transition.

Joyette's first ever overall win! She was exited to have a lead motor cycle with her on the bike =)

Mens Podium

A local rider has the first ever Cervelo hybrid!

After the race we where invited by the tri-Clark crew to lunch at Yellow cap pizza, their title sponsor!

Well my race went fine, I was pretty tired from the week of training going into it and was happy to get several transition done on a Sunday morning. In triathlon its so difficult to pratice a race day scenrio in training. Thats why I like to do these little races around and a little bit for my ego!

Some sports you can mimic almost exactly the race, and other sports you simply compete a lot, like many teams sports, who have so many games in one season.

Triathlon is difference, thats why only the best triathletes are consistent.

I was only 1 minute slower on my second round so thats pretty good for me. I went out hard and keep the pressure on all the way, even though I was quite ahead of all the others behind. The hardest part of the whole race was the 2nd swim and the best part of the race was the 2nd bike!!!

The venue for this race was GREAT! Trust me I have done some very poorly organised and layed out races on bad venues but this one im impressed and please with as this course was fully closed to traffic, the run was mostly shaded and the man made lake was very clean! Trust me if it wasn’t I would for sure tell otherwise.

I encourage everybody who can to do these super sprints, this race was the grand finally so it was the longest distance, as the previous races where all shorter events slightly progressing each event. Easy for first timers or just somebody who wants to get in a good training day!


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