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Funny shots from Taiwan 70.3 =) « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Funny shots from Taiwan 70.3 =)

Hey the other day I stumbled accross a very funny picture on facebook.
It was from the Taiwan 70.3 swim start.
And I though it was worth a blog.!

Race day, as I was walking down to the beach, for my warm up.
I came up behind this dude who was wearing a neon green THONG!
From what I know, he was a local, and quite flamboyant!

It made me smille and shake my head at the same time.
And yes, he was also racing.
But im not sure if he put something more for the bike and run.

Due to the nature of the course, I did not see him on the bike/run.
Not that I wanted to anyways…..

They say a picture is worth a thoushand words ;)
Heres 3 thousand words!!

Only in triathlon!!!

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