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Early chrismast present! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Early chrismast present!

Hey just the other day I got an early chrismast present from Joyette!

The first memory I have of back problems goes back to when I was 17 years old. I did a sprint tri in Sooke near victoria and had a supper race! The course was very hilly on both the bike/run.

THe last kilometer I felt my back lock up, and it then stayed sore for several days afterwards…

Slowly but surely it got worst. And then when I went to work on the rigs in 2006, back pain was regular for everybody who worked on the rig.

The last year, by back and more specificaly my lumbar spine has been giving me some problems. Sitting for long periods of times, long runs or hilly bike rides.

I avoided sitting as much as possible, opting for laying flat on my back or standing.

And then after my injury last month, it was time to do something about it.

The first time I “inverted” my back did some good cracks that felt great! It was instant relief =) I can also felt some gentile pulling around my knees and hips!

The difference between this “stretching” and “regular stretching” is when im inverted, the streching is much more gradual and gentil. Both sides of my body are pulled at the same times and at the same force, the force of gavity plus the weight of my upper body!

This table is quite addicting and I have a feeling im gonna have some people comming for a visit to use it!

This table was hard to find in the Philippines, but im sure elsewhere its quite easy to find, atleast online. It makes for a great gift to anybody whos got back issues, which is a HUGE majority of people! It can also help it fixing certain injuries!

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