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10k Ocean swim in the South China Sea! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


10k Ocean swim in the South China Sea!

Hey readers, a while back I had been invited to a 10k beach to beach ocean swim in the beautiful province of Batangas! Just this last Saturday was the swim, heres how it went down!

The swim was organized by the Polo Triathlon Team of Manila, the first tri team in the Philippines and arguably the strongest and most prestigious! Along with a few others “non-members” who joined, I was stoked to be in such a crowd! Where I got to see old faces and meet some new one =)

This is where the swim started, at the beautiful Kawayan Cove.

I was in awe with how well organized and the professionalism everybody had! We signed waivers, where given swim caps, had a briefing and a prayer! There was about 30 people who started to swim, but theres was actually several distances to chose from such as 2k – 4k – 6k – 10k.

On the beach sorting out the different groups, nutrition/hydration, sunscreen, wet suits, ect.

Me and my little Joyette! Woah even with bent over like that im STILL taler than her =)

Every body was separated into 7 groups. With 1 team leader assigned to each group along with a boat for our “special needs” and for overall safety! The teams where name SEAL. Going from #1 to #7. I was in TEAM SEAL 1.

A bunch of happy triathlete in the pristine water at one of their check points!

TEAM SEAL 1 - chowing down on some gels, cloud 9 bars, peanut butter sandwiches and coke! Near the end I heard a request for a big-mac - but that wasn't on the menu ;)

We stopped here for a “moment” to enjoy the natural beauties! One of the most awesome parts was staring at the bottom of the ocean!

Theres is NO other way I would like to spend my Saturday morning!

Here was are in the final stretch, about 1500m from long beach in Punta Fuego, our finish! Since I had never been there, its was a mental game from there one, as I was not sure where to go and how much we had done or left to do!

Me powering near the end as I was allowed by my team captain to go for a “fast final” – actually the last bit was the waviest of the whole day!

TEAM SEAL #1 at the finish - just over 3 hours after we started!

This I think is TEAM SEAL #4 very happy to be finished! - actually there one lady in here who started the swim with the intention of doing 2k or 4k but in the end swam the whole 10k!

The range of emotions at the finish was pretty huge! Some where like “when I we doing this next?” while others “thats enuff swimming for the next week!”.

In fact, there was a couple of 16 year old boys who did the entire 10k as well to a few 50+ year olds! Woah only triathletes ;)

Anyway afterwards we went for lunch! I’d like to thank the Polo Tri Team for this unique experience and will definitively join again next year! Actually it be great to do a bit longer swim all the way to Hamilo Cove and finish in Pico De Loro 8)

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