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Hey well since last blog things have been pretty rock steady!

Unlike mainstream and popular triathlon opinion.
My year hasn’t started with long/slow volume training…
But rather working towards “raising the roof” of my aerobic capacity.
Before filling it with longer/steadier aerobic training in the summer!

Ridding my bike has been black and white.
Indoor trainer or MTB.
In fact, I havent ridden my Cervelo on the road since November 19th.

When I ride the trainer its ALWAYS intense!
I have 3 key sessions per week: tempo – strength – power.
The sessions rarely last more than 1 hour.
So its a great incentive to close my eye, squezze my bars and giver!

Some people back in Canada might think I am crazy.
To ride the trainer on a warm, blue and sunny day!
Fact is that the roads where I live are dangerous and limited.

Its okay to “ride” but im into “training” and FAST!

My rides on the MTB are usually medium length.
With a long one tossed in every couple weeks.
They serve to accelerate recovery and maintain a so called “base”.
To SUPPORT my intensity sessions on the trainer!

My MTB skills are getting better and better.
I have now stopped “micromanaging” the technical sections.
And now commit to my line – which I found to be safer in the end!

As well to developing a keen sense to shift my gears.
And when to get in/out of the saddle.
Since I ride a hard tail, I get out of the saddle often!

Ridding an MTB is far from optimal.
If I could ride my Cervelo on the road – then I would for sure!

But ridding an MTB definitively have advantages:

-It makes you train with a heavier bike.
-Forces me to commit to my gears the technical/power sections.
-Breaks up rides with different scenery and road surface.
-Doing an out and back feels very different – unlike on the road.
-You only need about 100k to do a 4 hour ride.

Swimming has been okay as well.
I dont swim much but I do swim every day except Monday’s.
Cause my pool is closed for maintenance!
AM swim’s are focused towards maintaining my swim prowess.
PM swims simply to recover from the day’s bike/run sessions!

Running has been along the same lines of my cycling.
Got my 3 key sessions mixed in with “base” runs.

Next Sunday im doing my first race of the year.
A 10k trail run organised by Sunrise events.
The same group that brings in the: X-terra – 5150 – 70.3.




These are for sure the best organized multisport races in the country!
Take it from me – I done LOTS of races around the Philippines.
And you really get what you paid for!

Joyette is also racing but the 22k distance!
She had a bike accident late last year and took some time off.
This will be a “long run” & actually suites her “littleness” to the teeth!

The beauty of this race.
Is that there’s no best times to beat or to compare to.
You just go out do your best and the “end time” has little meaning.
Due to the circumstances and extra challenges of the course!

Anyway this blog is getting long!
Bellow are a few random pictures with captions under!


An electricity pole in the middle of the road?


Ridding an MTB in a feet deep of water - ITS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!

Anyway heres a quote:

Bike skills are like swim technique – their best learned when young!

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