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X-Terra Cebu Race Report. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


X-Terra Cebu Race Report.

Hey well I will get the bad done and over with off the bat.

I got 4 punctures, crashed twice while “lapping” other athletes, blew up mentally on the run and the airline lost my MTB on the way back and I still dont have it as I write this blogl!


Okay, now with that off my chest.
Here goes.


The “lechon” doesn’t contain much carbs but was the most popular item at the carbo load dinner!

Carbo loading suppers with the governor - ITS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!

Me - first out.

A time consuming T1.

Using my teeth for a faster T1.

Maneuvering over the technical sections.

My “kuya” was one of many that helped me out!

I take from their reaction, these local spectators had never seen a CO2 pump up a tire!

The “graveyard” was the most difficult down hill on the course where 4 out 5 athletes walked their bikes or crashed. I was able to go down it on my first lap, but crashed on my 2nd lap while trying to avoid somebody I was over taking that was walking their bike.

This if one of the hardest uphills on the course. Because of the loose gravel, you could not get out of the saddle because you would lose traction on your back wheel!

My first 2k and my last 2k where pretty good - but in between I was done mentally realized that I had forgotten to hydrate with all this tire changing!

Finish with style ;)

My bike shoes after the race - I never expected to run with them as much as I did!


Joyette crossed the line physically and emotionally drained.

YUM! Post race treats, chocolate/mango/sticky rice MAKI =)

A small of reward for not giving up!


The night of the race, The Brick Multisport Store Cebu had its grand opening!

Noy very exited with the opening of his store and had some very nice food!


Inside The Brick.

Me signing out my frustration after the race!

Well as a final note:

Me and Joyette decided to join this race because we where told the bike course was “easy-ish” but turns out it was fairly different from last year! Going over many sharp rocks that where on top of other sharp rocks.

I understand this was an “international” event and a qualifier for the world champs.

But those who I talked that had done Maui last year, this was sketchier. Theres a fine like between “hard” and “hazardous” which in my opinion was crossed last Sunday.

But I know very very little about X-Terra bike courses.

What I do now, is that Triathlon is an age group driven sport. Which is how the races get funded, filled up and how the organizers can make everything happen.

With so many multisport races to chose from and the inflating cost of training/racing/travelling. Putting together such a bike course is a good way to deter newbies, females and roadie triathletes from ever making the jump into off road tri’s.

Who wants to risk crashing in March?
Or have an expensive DNF?

Anyway, I would like to thank Sunrise events for another A+ execution, the carbo load party, the race site, the post race food where all spectacular. The crowds on the race course where one of a kind and will be etched in the memory of any foreigner who joined!

Heres a picture that made me laugh!

An MTB with a disk?

Also would like to give a special thanks to Michael, Noy, Arland and Jong who all assisted me in my punctures. And to anybody else who asked if I needed anything!

My next race!


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