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Buckwheat Banana Pancakes with Molasses! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Buckwheat Banana Pancakes with Molasses!

Hey this here is one of my favourite breakfast #2 ;)
Best eating mid morning before a longish and lowish intensity workout.
Its just the way I like my food: healthy, easy to make and affordable!

Heres what you need for 2 hungry athletes:

-2 bananas
-2 medium eggs
-3/4 cup of buckwheat flower
-1/4 cup of generic pancake mix
-1/2 cup of Alaska milk

Start my “mooching” the banana’s in a bowl.
Then add the eggs and mix.

Mix in both buckwheat and pancake flower at the same time.
And with the help of the Milk, to increase the viscosity of the batter.

When all is ready.
Use your choice of “lube” for the pan.
I prefer salted butter because it’s just tastes that bit better.

One of my recent cooking investments is a covered Teflon frying pan.
It helps to retain the heat in the pan.
This allows my food to be cooked quicker and more evenly.
And with less heat from my stove!

To top it all off.
I put molasses for extra flavour.

Being French Canadian im a snob to any “maple flavoured” syrups.
And well even though pure Maple syrup is healthy.
Here in the Philippines it quite expensive and well don’t last very long when im around!

Prep and cook time is about 20 minutes total!

Enjoy =)

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