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Century Tuna/Alaska Créma Wraps!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Hey in September of last year I was left alone at home.
With not much food left.
I found a tin can of Century Tuna!

It was Joyette’s!
She had got it for free in her goodie bag, among other samples!
At the Cobra 70.3 in 2011.

Like the grub that I sometimes aim.
I spooned the can LIKE A BOSS!
And was delighted on how good the corned tuna was!

After experimenting with a few recipes.
Heres the one I use the most!
It literally takes 5 mins to do!
Of course with the help of my Magic Bullet!

What you need:

-Small can of Corned Century Tuna
-3 table spoons of Alaska Créma
-Half a cucumber
-Small block of cheese
-Tortilla wraps

So now CRAM everything in the Magic Bullet!

Get ready!

This literally took less than 10 seconds!

Now spread on the Tortilla!

Wrap with some paper towel!

And finally EAT!

This is one of those walk and eat meals!
Especially for those who live on the go.
Easy to make, cheap and healthy =)

The ingredients may sound a by strange.
But they all MIX together really well for a “fresh” taste!
That leaves a nice after-taste, unlike other food…


Alaska TeamTBB Philippines.

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Hey well after A LOT of planning, email’s and discussion.
Yesterday was the OFFICIAL launch of Alaska TeamTBB Philippines.

Our weekend started in Pico De Loro.
One of the coves of our location sponsor Hamilo coast.

It was the first time the whole team met together.
We did some training, photo shoot and had some great meals!
And of course, some legendary lectures from doc.

Heres me, Dexter and Joyette with John Cobb!
John shared cool stories over the 5 days in Pico.
Some of which with legendary athletes!
I got to discuss many interesting topics with him!
His opinion is very valuable and just sounds cooler in his Texan accent!

Here I am during our Alaska Milk photo shoot!

Me playing around with Dave’s P4.

Me with my little-lest groupie ;)

Doc gouffing around with an aero helmet ;)

SERIOUS group picture!

Pro athletes picture.


Here is our “amo” Fred Uytengsu talking about the team.
Hes a very articulated and eloquent public speaker.
Our team launch also doubled as the Subic 5i50 launch.

The 5i50 will take new and cooler routes than other races.
Of which where held in Subic.
As a foreigner who’s lived in the Philippines for a few years.
I vouch this will be THE BEST COURSE!!!
With a point to point swim and bike.
Including ridding on the airport runway =)
And then a cool golf course run ;)
See ya there with my Cervelo P3 and 3T Zefiro drops ;)
As it will be a REAL bike course ;)

Bellow is me @ the On running booth.
Our new run shoe sponsor!

Anyway, as I slowly get you addicted to my blog.
You will slowly see our “mission” and development athletes.
And the bigger picture of Alaska TeamTBB Philippines!

My Spanish Omelette.

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Hey readers!
Here is the step by step process for one of my favorite breaky #2.
Best eaten after a big morning workout.
Or as a medium lunch!

Ingredients needed for 1 hungry triathlete:

-1/4 cup of Alaska Milk
-3 Large Eggs
-2 small potatoes
-2 small tomatoes
-1 small bell pepper
-1 small onion
-3 gloves of garlic
-Ground Pepper
-25 grams of Salted butter
-Handful of cheese

*Optional is to add some bacon.
**Prep/cooking time approx 20 mins.

It all starts with cleaning and cutting the potatoes.
The goal is to cut them into small thin slices!
Add onions and then butter as cooking lube and pepper.
I prefer to put the pepper at the starts, so it can “cake in” the potatoes!

Onces the potatoes golden (hash browns).
Include the beaten eggs/milk and tone down the heat.

Once the eggs start to mix with the potatoes.
Add in the cheese and consistently stir.

After that, final steep is turn off the heat.
And add in tomatoes/bell peppers/pressed garlic.
Put the lid back on for a few minutes!

I prefer to add the veggies near the end to maintain their consistency.
And to add another texture as well to keep them fresh versus soggy.

Let cold down and enjoy!

Le Tour De Guy.

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Hey last weekend I was informed about a pretty cool ride that was planned on Good Friday here in the Philippines! It was lead by Olympic Swimmer Guy Conception and director of Sunrise Events, as he had done it a few times in the past, on this very day!

Now, looking at this map bellow, a few will think this was suicidal, but apart from a few sections, the roads where very clear, it was like being in a “normal” city ;)

From Amanda Carpo's Garmin.

Our meeting point inside Forbbs Park happened to be just in front of Manny Pacquio\’s newest house!

Start of our ride inside Makati City.

This is where the Canadian embassy is located!

Leaving The Fort.

Dicky Bachmann former Alaska Aces player and now assistant coach was clever enuff to ride his MTB!

Joyettes first puncture of the day!

Jeepney's just the way I like them - NOT IN MOTION!

Pulling the group around!

Ridding through a small market street.

These hotels have very good rates for a few hours long, I have a pretty good idea what people do in there for a few hours ;)

Mile Zero @ Luneta!


Entering old Manila.

Old school buildings.

Entering China Town.

The only open Startbucks we found!

Ridding through North Cemetery where all the past presidents are buried!

One of the coolest parts of the ride – hogging the middle lane on EDSA! one of the busiest road in the country!

Giant billboard with Pacquio on it!

Where is everybody?

Pasig River.

One thing I noticed is lots of pedestrians where barefoot in memory of Jesus as a small sacrifice for the day!

Speaking of which.

These guys where walking and hitting themselves in the back with a wooden wip!


Entering C5

Entering an empty BGC aka The Fort.

Since everything is closed - NOBODY in sight!

The final strait before finishing!

Anyway thats was A LOT of pictures! This was a great ride I will definitively do next year but rather on my MTB. I got to see some very unique parts of Manila first hand as well to some of the richest and poorest parts of the city!

Happy Easter!

Pico De Loro Race Report.

Monday, April 2nd, 2012


Pre race entertainment - ITS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!

Hey last Saturday was my first road tri since August 2011.

The first half of the swim I paced off a relay athlete and then took the lead on the half way mark at the beach turn around.

Some sweet under-water shoots!

None of me…I guess I was to quick ;)

On the 2nd loop I increased my lead over everybody and anybody all the while feeling good with a higher stroke rate. The final stretch was a bit crowded with athletes finish their first loop.

Now onto my bike in the rain!

The bike course was quite technical with 6 X 180 degree turns and several round-a-bouts and sharp turns. The weather made it more challenging as well to lapping athletes on the 2 lap bike course!

There was 2 very steep hills out/into transition as well that needed to be taken very diligently! I was very happy to be one of those who rides a TT bike with 3T Zefiro drop bars and decided to lower my PSI pressure 5 min before the race start! As well to haming my Eurus Campagnolo training wheels that have trusty aluminum braking surface!

Once on the run I had about 2 min lead over 2nd place which was Frederik Croneberg who is very experienced in racing in Asia with several 70.3 podiums and has a pretty quick flat out marathon PB. But he in fact had just came back from his first IM in Melbourne, never-the-less I knew better to under-estimate my competitors (done that in the past and its not a good idea) as I knew of a few athletes who had done back to back racing extremely successfully check –>here<–

I did not run very “fast” but I did run through a whole lot of pain!

First place prize was my biggest pay check in years!

On another note, I was asked a special request to blog about female triathletes! As well to have been womens month last March I will do a belated post about it!

Triathlon has a tendency to attract strong and mature females! Our sport is not so popular with women in their 20′s. BUT if you look at the results of the 35 to 45 and even up the list its getting bigger and longer!

More often than not, female “weekend warriors” are faster than the majority younger age group females and often give a hard time to the men in their age groups.

Why is that?

This “mature girl power” is often personified by already established females, they have a career, settled down and stable with a family and have lived a more often than not, “cliche” life!

Now its their time to show their stuff. Its known that women who have had a child come back with a higher pain threshold! Are happy still able to wear tight spandex as they will go fit-in the crowed of triathletes!

Females are often more suited for longer distances. They have a great power to weight ratio, no testosterone spikes and seem to me to have a more controlled ego drive. Which can be key in events that go over very hard/hot terrain!

Triathlon is great in that manner, every triathlon I attend I see “yummy mumy’s” all over the place! Which reminds me of when I was a kid, we use to say “my dad is stronger than your dad” but now seems like the ways things are moving foward, it maybe “my mom is stronger than your dad!” LOL.

Having been able to travel the world and see different countries. Its sad to see far to often women in 3rd world countries belittled. But the fact is that more often than not females make more rational and sensitive leaders that will help to nurture the next generation versus stick driven men that are drawn to power/career/status which often compels them to recklessness and omnipotence!

In ancient Egypt women where treated very differently in an almost modern way! Nearly considered to be equal to men and occasionally where in control like Cleopatra and Nefertiti

Anyway this blog is getting long.

I will finish with this, that I have been racing in the Philippines since 2007, and the triathlon scene as prospered at an incredible rate! The events are more and more!

This year I figure about 50+ multisport event domestically! As well to one few countries in to have an ITU race, an X-Terra, a 5i50 race, a 70.3 race and a full 226k race!

The Pico De Loro tri raised the bar for local events. Apart from the rain everything was world class with only a few things to tweak for next year and I hope they keep to limit the number of entries in order to make it a more PRESTIGIOUS event thats eagerly awaited for! This years it sold out in 5 days!

In my experience in Asia, the Philippines has the largest local triathlon contingency! I know Singapore/Hong Kong has lots of triathletes, but the big bulk are expat driven unlike here where its a very local affair where some of the richest/famous people in the country line up on the same start and does the same course as Juan Dela Cruz ;)

Photo credits:

©Redg plopinio
©Tim Ramos
©Mark Cristino
@Joyette Jopson