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Le Tour De Guy. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Le Tour De Guy.

Hey last weekend I was informed about a pretty cool ride that was planned on Good Friday here in the Philippines! It was lead by Olympic Swimmer Guy Conception and director of Sunrise Events, as he had done it a few times in the past, on this very day!

Now, looking at this map bellow, a few will think this was suicidal, but apart from a few sections, the roads where very clear, it was like being in a “normal” city ;)

From Amanda Carpo's Garmin.

Our meeting point inside Forbbs Park happened to be just in front of Manny Pacquio\’s newest house!

Start of our ride inside Makati City.

This is where the Canadian embassy is located!

Leaving The Fort.

Dicky Bachmann former Alaska Aces player and now assistant coach was clever enuff to ride his MTB!

Joyettes first puncture of the day!

Jeepney's just the way I like them - NOT IN MOTION!

Pulling the group around!

Ridding through a small market street.

These hotels have very good rates for a few hours long, I have a pretty good idea what people do in there for a few hours ;)

Mile Zero @ Luneta!


Entering old Manila.

Old school buildings.

Entering China Town.

The only open Startbucks we found!

Ridding through North Cemetery where all the past presidents are buried!

One of the coolest parts of the ride – hogging the middle lane on EDSA! one of the busiest road in the country!

Giant billboard with Pacquio on it!

Where is everybody?

Pasig River.

One thing I noticed is lots of pedestrians where barefoot in memory of Jesus as a small sacrifice for the day!

Speaking of which.

These guys where walking and hitting themselves in the back with a wooden wip!


Entering C5

Entering an empty BGC aka The Fort.

Since everything is closed - NOBODY in sight!

The final strait before finishing!

Anyway thats was A LOT of pictures! This was a great ride I will definitively do next year but rather on my MTB. I got to see some very unique parts of Manila first hand as well to some of the richest and poorest parts of the city!

Happy Easter!

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