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My Spanish Omelette. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


My Spanish Omelette.

Hey readers!
Here is the step by step process for one of my favorite breaky #2.
Best eaten after a big morning workout.
Or as a medium lunch!

Ingredients needed for 1 hungry triathlete:

-1/4 cup of Alaska Milk
-3 Large Eggs
-2 small potatoes
-2 small tomatoes
-1 small bell pepper
-1 small onion
-3 gloves of garlic
-Ground Pepper
-25 grams of Salted butter
-Handful of cheese

*Optional is to add some bacon.
**Prep/cooking time approx 20 mins.

It all starts with cleaning and cutting the potatoes.
The goal is to cut them into small thin slices!
Add onions and then butter as cooking lube and pepper.
I prefer to put the pepper at the starts, so it can “cake in” the potatoes!

Onces the potatoes golden (hash browns).
Include the beaten eggs/milk and tone down the heat.

Once the eggs start to mix with the potatoes.
Add in the cheese and consistently stir.

After that, final steep is turn off the heat.
And add in tomatoes/bell peppers/pressed garlic.
Put the lid back on for a few minutes!

I prefer to add the veggies near the end to maintain their consistency.
And to add another texture as well to keep them fresh versus soggy.

Let cold down and enjoy!

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