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Century Tuna/Alaska Créma Wraps! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Century Tuna/Alaska Créma Wraps!

Hey in September of last year I was left alone at home.
With not much food left.
I found a tin can of Century Tuna!

It was Joyette’s!
She had got it for free in her goodie bag, among other samples!
At the Cobra 70.3 in 2011.

Like the grub that I sometimes aim.
I spooned the can LIKE A BOSS!
And was delighted on how good the corned tuna was!

After experimenting with a few recipes.
Heres the one I use the most!
It literally takes 5 mins to do!
Of course with the help of my Magic Bullet!

What you need:

-Small can of Corned Century Tuna
-3 table spoons of Alaska Créma
-Half a cucumber
-Small block of cheese
-Tortilla wraps

So now CRAM everything in the Magic Bullet!

Get ready!

This literally took less than 10 seconds!

Now spread on the Tortilla!

Wrap with some paper towel!

And finally EAT!

This is one of those walk and eat meals!
Especially for those who live on the go.
Easy to make, cheap and healthy =)

The ingredients may sound a by strange.
But they all MIX together really well for a “fresh” taste!
That leaves a nice after-taste, unlike other food…


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