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On-Cloud-Running-Shoes. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog



Hey blog readers!

@ Alaska TeamTBB Philippines we are very lucky to be sponsored by On Cloud Running Shoes which is designed by Swiss Ironman and Zofigen Champion Olivier Bernhard!

Its a pretty radical running shoe.
It reminds me of the old Nike Air More UpTempo’s.
But with an optimized design.
And of course suited for runners – not jumpers ;)

The lugs are designed to ABSORB the impact better.
Which also allows to modulate a runners gait.

I see it like this.
A bike tire pumped up @ high PSI is not very comprehensive.
Especially when dealing with consistent impact or awkward landing.

Versus a low PSI tire that will be more supple.
And responsive to a runner with lease than perfect foot strike.

Then tracks between the lugs promote forward traction!
Particularly during the “push off” phase.

For me, who runs mainly on concrete roads here in the Philippines.
This extra cushioning is VERY important!

The heel-toe-drop on the Cloud Racer is only 5mm.
Which is pretty low and just about right.
To reduce strain on the achilles, calf and plantar!

Another fantastic aspect of this shoe.
As I have wide feet and sweat heavily.
Which means I lose toe nails regularly…
So for me, these I REALLY like!
Versus many Japaneses shoes that tend to be narrow…

As well to a thin mesh material thats clear-ish on the Cloud Racer.
Of which promote air circulation!

One aspect I see that could be evolved.
Is the addition of drain holes for sweaters like myself!
And would like to give a heads up to any interested buyers.
That these fit a bit “large”, like 0.5 to 1 size bigger than normal!

At first, the shoes may feel awkward.
And I definetly suggest to do a weeks worth of regular running.
Before making an opinion of them!

As for my fairly LARGE Filipino reader base.
If interested in these shoes!
Check out The Brick Multisport Store in Taguig or Cebu!

Please leave your comments on the forum.