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Hey well LOTS has been going on in the past 2 months.
Since the launch of our new team Alaska Team TBB Philippines
Life has been hectic.

Right after the launch.
3 of my athletes stayed with me for 2 weeks!
It was just like having kids ;)
And tiring!

But it did allow me to know them better.
As well to connect on a deeper level.
And truly be an “on deck” coach.
Before they headed back home!

Right after they left.
My best friends from Victoria B-C Canada came to visit.
It was their first time in Asia!
And where doing a small tour with Hong Kong and Thailand.

Us with the magnificent view of Taal Lake and its volcano!

Here we are in my yard.
Enjoy the cheap Philippines alcohol!

Basically, I did not get much training done for whole month!
As I had to take care of other people and be a host!
It was fun, but now im happy its over.

Most of the training I could do was on the trainer!
As its the easiest and quickest way to get a sweat going!

When the kids where here.
I would get up @ 5am, smash a 60 min session.
Since they swam @ 7am – I use the same clock for both!

I have to admit, I never really gave my past coach much credit.
As I did not think it was that “hard” of a job.
Your the boss, write some programs and stand there while they train.

Even coaching age groupers online.
Its all about the approach, feel and service.
I know certain things I wont be able to change in them.
Often, they are more experienced athletes than me.
Most of the time old enuff to be my parents!

Its pretty basic maintenance.
A big aspect is diplomaticy, professionalism and suggest proven ideas.
As well to keeping them on a strait line.
Sometimes hard in triathlon ;)
And of course, being punctual with training programs/email/Skype.

Now my attitude has changed drastically.

With with my young athletes.
Its MUCH more than that.
As I have to advise for so many things.
They are very young people – some come from the province.
And dont speak very good english.
Others have never even done a triathlon.
As well to deal with their parents!

They have their ENTIRE life and athletic career in front of them.
And I play a major role in their development as young people.

These kids, have much better support than I ever did.
And I was MUCH faster than them at their age.

The big picture.
Make them better.
Not only better athletes – better humans as well.

Some may disagree.
But I might play a bigger role than their school teacher.
Our relationships is emotional – not professional.
The various things they will learn as triathletes:
Perseverance/discipline/commitment/preparation/work underpressure.
Will benefit them for years down the road.
As those are REAL WORLD skills.
That will help them be better people/spouses/parents/employees.

The mountain in front of us is enormous.
And the surest way to the top, is to start at the very bottom.
Climb a strait line towards the peak and never stop.

I am their Sherpa.
And I chose athletes who have never been up any mountain.
Why? Because they have no prior “bad” experiences.
No information to “wash out” or re-program.
They are fresh, new and what Brett says a “blank canvas”.

Simple to do? No.
Doable? Of course.
As it been done in the Philippines? Tried but failed.

In my experience living here.
Producing a descent athlete is not all about “the body” training.

But it will have to be done against circumstance.
And cultural weaknesses that led to ZERO Olympic Gold medal.
Not even 1 since 1896.
A developing country with 90+ Million people?
Trust me, this place aint that poor.
And athletes have fantastic bodies for endurance sports.
Small, strong, agile, quick footed and good in the heat.

One thing is for sure, to win an Olympic Gold Medal.
You first need to get to the start-line.

And to anybody who has “chased” the Olympic dream.
Knows that its not only a physical journey.
But a psychological battle against un-predictable circumstances.
Circumstances will happen – guarantee.
And how any athlete reacts to it, will sum up their careers.
Or lack of…

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