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3T Zefiro Team Drop Bars Review. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


3T Zefiro Team Drop Bars Review.

Hey readers, as some of you may know already.
I like to ride a TT bike with drops!
Have done it with a Cervelo P2 – P3 – P4

Often, I have gotten some strange looks and comments.
From purist and/or tri-GEEKS!

I do it, because I feel more comfortable with it.
More versatile and safer while ridding in the CRAZY Philippines!

Earlier this year, I was able to get the Zefiro drops from 3T.

I though they looked pretty AWESOME and would be handy!
Yes the cushion strip thingies where NOT comfortable.
But I had something in mind BEFORE I requested them ;)

I took out the PI wing
And replaced it with an old pair of 3T ‘lazy S’ bend extensions.
Which fit perfectly and looks pretty clean for me!

I used double sided velcro to stick the cups of my Mistral bars.

And then to seal the deal.
Strapped a thin zap strap around the cup hole and bar!

There is a bit of ‘play’ with the cups.
But its all good, its actually acts like a bit of shock absorber!

I did replace the original pads with Cee Gee’s cushy’s.
The difference is significant.
And they have all sorts of different models!

The difference in thickness and material is clear!

The bar extension inserts are not the most stable either.
So I used inner tube valve washers for bolts and it work GREAT!

In the ideal world.
3T would desing a bar like the Mistral!
Where there would be integrated screw holes!
So the cups can be on there tightly!
As both bars are very similar from the top.

One great aspect as well.
Is that the ‘base’ close to the hoods is quite wide.
So I can rest and flatten the majority of my palm!

One aspect to consider.
Is that the bars are a bit ‘long’ where the hoods are connected.
So it maybe a good idea to get a 1cm shorter stem than regular!

In the end.
A TT bike with drops often eliminates the need for 2 bikes.
Its also safer for triathlete who may occasionally ride in groups.
Or somebody like me who rides on hectic roads.
Or training in very hilly terrain.
Or for women
Or beginners who dont want have to buy a 2nd bike.
Because a bike store advised to start with a road bike.

Forget about aerodynamic drag.
Ride what your comfortable with.
We spend 99.99% of our time TRAINING.
Might as well make it safe!

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