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Cheezy Bacon Fried Rice! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Cheezy Bacon Fried Rice!

Hey ALL!

As westerner who lives in Asia more specifically The Philippines which is a white-rice-centric region of the world – I tend to struggle…

Growing up in Canada I was educated and constantly reminded that white rice and white bread contained ‘empty’ calories and that brown/wild rice and whole-wheat bread was a more whole-some alternative.

So I was basically programmed to believe that eating white rice 3 time per day is ‘un-healthy’…I am right? Who know’s? Who cares?

The point – is that living with my Filippina girl friend can be a nutritional challenge because I am a westerner who is competitive in endurance sport where nutrition plays a critical role.

My biggest challenge, keeping my ‘tank’ full and not loosing to much weight (what a drama).

To live in harmony, I had to create a new ‘go to’ rice dish!

Ingredients needed:

-Enuff day old brown rice for 2 people
-4 normal sized eggs (2 per person)
-More mozzarella cheese than there should be
-Enuff bacon to feed a small family
-Olive Oil
-Black ground pepper
-1 large diced onion
-Soy sauce * Optional

Total prep/cook time is about 20-25 minutes!

Cook all the bacon - put pepper BEFORE cooking.

Like most Filippino's Joyette likes her meat to be VERY CRISPY!

Once cooked, put the bacon aside and leave as much BACON GREASE as possible in the pan as to lube and flavor the onion's! Also refrain from picking on the bacon while cooking ;)

Put the onions in the boiling bacon grease with some pepper - cook for 1 minutes only.

Turn down the heat to half-way, add in rice and put a generous amount of olive oil!

MIX and let cook for a few minutes.

Next is to add in beaten eggs!

MIX and then cover. Mix again every few minutes until its starts to get 'crusty'.

Once the eggs if cooked - turn off the heat and add in the CRISPY BACON!

Followed by the cheese! Now it should start to SMELL VERY DELICIOUS!

MIX quickly after adding in and make sure there cheese doesn't clump up!

Once MIXED - cover and then leave 'simmer' as the pan/stove top is still hot! This is a great time to get a heads start on dishes - I suggest around 5 minutes to make sure the flavors blend together nicely!

LETS EAT - I personally prefer moist rice versus dry-ish ones...

Thats it – dont judge before you try it!

Please leave your comments on the forum.