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Fueled by Ignite Naturals! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Fueled by Ignite Naturals!

Hey readers – as some of you may know, TeamTBB has gotten a new nutrition sponsor in Ignite Natural!

Nutrition plays a critical role in endurance training/racing. A quick internet search and you can easily find seasoned and experienced triathletes who still cant ‘dial-in’ their nutrition.

Once I got my sample pack of Ignite Naturals products I was very exited to try them out – the major help though was the very informative emails I exchanged with Bruce and Tyler!

The majority of endurance sports nutrition contains Maltodextrin which is an in-expensive short chained linked glucose molecules derived from carbohydrate drived food such as rice, corn, potatoes and barley.

Its gets the job done – however, some humans maybe sensitive to large amounts of it and can develop an intolerance to it. Some of which includes itchiness, asthma, rashes bloating, gas, loose bowels, stomach cramps, ect.

Does this sound familiar to some of you?
In the middle of a race?

I like how the gels have a power-clip that makes them easy to carry on my fuel-belt!

You can click –> HERE <— for some more information about the Reload gels. Basically they are made of REAL FOOD and have a 'pasty' texture which makes them palatable when taking them it!

Ignite Naturals is not only about race/training nutrition – but also pre/post race/training nutrition as well!

Eating healthy is getting more expensive, time consuming and tasteless compared to ‘junk food’ that are easy, cheap and tasty to eat. I classify food in 3 different groups: The HEALTHY – the NEUTRAL – the JUNK. While perception may vary upon who this which foods fit in which groups, I try to eat the majority as healthy! Often, how a certain piece of food is prepared can easily turn it from healthy to neutral or even into junk…

Bellow, is a series of pictures that shows the process of my choosing and preparing my HEALTHY foods!

Basically, as a foreigner living in The Philippines going to the market to get fresh food is one of my most favorite things! I have seen a lot of funny, interesting and even nasty things there. And of course, I always feel like a ‘celebrity’ when I am there ;)

Ummm fresh poultry and sausage!

Joyette is always a big help for me as she's very good as bargaining prices - here we are getting some fresh sea food! We an easily get HUGE shrimp, tuna/salmon sashimi for very low prices =)

Gotta stack up on coconuts!

Ready to drink goodness for ~50 cent CDN!

Its my own tradition to taste a sample 'buko' before buying some for the next few days!

So much choice, so cheap, so fresh and only 1 and half belly to feed ;)

Now fast-forward to after a rigorous workout – fueling immediately is key in order to speed up recovery, protect the body and of course make sure you dont get overly hungry and eat to much later on…

There is this weird things among certain athletes that the first 15 minutes after a workout is the perfect time to cheat and each junk food and how it wont affect you in any negative way – really? I would love to read some literature on it.

From what I know, eating foods with a high Glycemic Index is important because at that point the blood glucose levels are low and need to be brought back up. High glycemic foods will do the trick easily and quickly.

Most of junk foods tends to be high glycemic so I guess that the rational and of course it feels like a treat after a workout – just like a dog that was good!

How about eating HEALTHY high glycemic foods after a workout? Never would I believe that eating a chocolate bar versus some Pineapple ends up being the same at the end of the day!

Many years ago when I was a teenager training at the Canadian Triathlon Center Lance Watson caught me wolfing down a delicious chocolate muffin between a swim and bike-trainer workout.

He said very casually as we walked by “you wouldn’t put leaded gas in a Ferrari would you Mat?” as he keep walking down the pool deck at Commonwealth Place.

In my head I was like “WTF man im not old like you so I can eat what-ever!”

Funny enuff I has used that quote one to many times to my friends, athletes and peers over the years AH!

Anyway, here is how I have been taking my I.N. Extreme Energy after my workouts!

The usual suspects!

Gotta make sure not to spill any of my chilled coconut juice!

And of course nobody should waste the 'meat' inside - lets go crack-her-open and spoon it!

Scrapped and into the MIX for some extra goodness and taste!


Done in a few seconds - every healthy house-hold should own one of these!

Just like that I am ready to re-fuel immediately after a training session - so you be the judge, is a chocolate bar the same as this in the first 15 minutes after a workout?

The Cocoa flavor has a deep and natural taste to it – like eating into rich dark chocolate!

Anyway, hope I have changed your out-look somewhat! Mine has changed dramatically over the years – nutrition is so personal, difficult to nail sometimes and may need to be optimized as you get older for weight control. Having multiple options is great to give it a trial and error process! Just try to target company’s that are much more passionate where quality trumps quantity – check out Ignite Naturals for refreshing nutritional options!

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