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Adrenaline Multisport Off Road Duathlon Report. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Adrenaline Multisport Off Road Duathlon Report.

Hey all – yesterday I raced an off road duathlon and tts was EXHILARATING experience! Triathletes can be really up-tight (I’m a triathlete so I’m allow to make fun of triathletes) individuals with their shinny aero and carbon gear.

This race organized by the Adrenaline Multisport group in La Mesa Ecopark which was a nice change of scenery and crowd. It was all about skill’s, brute force and timing!

Joyette and Noy are preparing for the X-Terra World Championships in Maui, Hawaii so we figured it was a good prep for her and an excellent challenge for me. I mean, no swim, off road and in a place I have never been against a bunch of un-know local athletes!

Race morning was dark and muddy – its been raining quite a lot recently so were both dirty before we even started the race!

The course was pretty simple – the only caveat was 2 loops of the bike which meant I will imminently overtake the athletes at the back of the field…

Over-head shot of the race briefing!

The start was fast, furious and DOWNHILL where many ‘el-rabitos’ went off the front immediately. From experience this is typical of Filipino’s so I never even think twice about it as my goal for the first 6k run was to get to my bike without twisting anything while maneuvering over the muddy, technical and un-predictable terrain.

I was still relatively clean at this point!

I got to T1 in 3rd place – once on my bike I eventually caught 2nd place and dropped him soon after which was a surprise because I assumed he was a good MTB’er. At the turn around and half way mark of the bike I crossed the lone leader, Ryan ‘bad-boy’ Mendoza. He was closer than I would have expected him to be because I know hes a very gifted runner, a Sea Games Champion in Duathlon and has a bit reckless attitude!

Right after going around the turn around I was caught by 2 very good MTB’er who where ridding very well – I hung-on and followed their line while taking a few risk’s.

Off road races = draft when you can or when safe!

Muddy now or muddy later - it dont matter cause its the same for all!

It paid off and in no time we had real-led the leader – we rode together for a bit until the very technical, single track and muddy section that was about 3k long.

At this point we where overtaking athletes and it got a bit crowded. The 2 MTB’ers went for it while I did my best to stay on my bike. After a few close call’s I made it back to the main trail in clear 3rd place.

Chasing and being chased at the same time.

The final few km’s of the bike I started to feel the effort from the ride – MTB’ing requires A LOT of dynamic effort, explosion and constant awareness – even drinking water or feeding must be done very carefully.

Once on the 2nd run I had no idea of the gap nor what was in front of me. I ran as hard I as could to at least try to get one of the guys in front in my line of sight – from then I figured it would simply be mental. How-ever the surface was extremely slippery, it was literally like running on ice…

Well I maintained my position and finished in 3rd place which was good enuff for a couple thousand pesos and some free gear!

Putik Kapatid!

Post race clean up - participants where all smiles!

Overall male podium - I never realize how much taller I am than those guys until I see the pictures...I can believe that being smaller with a lower center of gravity is an advantage over such terrain!

All in all it was great to get out of my comfort zone – I suggest every geeky triathlete should go out and join an off road event just to get a taste of it because numbers really mean nothing, nor does high end equipment or a preparation laced with drill’s and/or lifting weights.

It ultimately boils down to who’s gonna go for it, manage taking a bad line and shaking off a near crash!

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