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My-Choco-Avocado-Banana-Milk-Shake! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog



Hey all – if you ready this blog you know that my Magic Bullet see’s a lot of action! Bellow is a recipe I have been tripping over recently!

-1 Large Banana
-Half Regular Avocado
-3 tables spoon’s of Cocoa Power
-3 Small ice cubes
-1 cup of Alaska Milk

Best it to NOT put more Cocoa power.
As it will make the shake bitter…
Its not because a little bit of good that more is better ;)

Put everything in no particular order!

A few seconds later!


The texture is creamy and rich with a deep taste that’s mildly sweet that leaves a crisp after-taste in your mouth all the while filling you up easily. I personally enjoy it sometime between lunch and supper (Merienda) as it hits-the-spot without making me feel bloated before my evening training session!

I have to be honest, I never really looked and/or bought at Avocados at the grocery until recently. It did not really stand out with its dark and bumpy skin. The only time I had any must have been while dipping chips in Guacamole Dip at parties!

How-ever, it turn’s out they are full of good fat (Monounsaturated) that is also found in various nuts, seeds, red meat and other grains! Of which helps the function of our internal organs, helps to regulate high cholesterol/hypertension and of course is a great fuel for endurance athletes ;)

So turns out the Philippines is a decent producer of Avocados, which is good to fuel my recent fix!

Comparatively to a banana, per 100g it contains 25% more Potassium which is a key Mineral in the Electrolyte chain – a very important nutritional detail for endurance athletes!

Enjoy =)

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