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Tripalooza & Daniale Icecycle Review. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Tripalooza & Daniale Icecycle Review.

The US has Interbike, Europe had Eurobike and The Philippines has Tripalooza!

I was invited to give a talk about my journey as a pro triathlete!

Those who listen thought that its worth hearing, interesting and un-orthodox!

Carlos was a top host! I was really happy to see many people find an interested not only in me, put my team as well to our social project here in the Philippines!

With the gang from Light N Up marketing who are the local distributor of many top brands, including Cervelo and 2XU!

My dream bike!

Warming up on the bike - there was not much resistance so it was an RPM contest - kinda like to rides downhill the fastest!

There was several challenges with draw prizes to be won - here I am pushing as many watts as I can for 1 minutes - I got 2nd place behind a local cyclist!

Anyway, would like to give a shout out to The Brick Multisport Store and SwimBikeRun.ph for being the masterminds behind this. It definitely helps the local triathlon community by checking out and comparing equipment options at a discounted rate as well for up and coming distributors to exhibit their product, events and/or service!

Of wait – I have some more =) I got a bunch of freebies while I was there, the most interesting was the Daniale Ice Cycle pack from Jeremy of Triton Endurance Sports!

As a foreigner in a freaking hot and humid country, I sweat a lot and always look for aircon, fan and/or shade during the day! I mean, just going out and about I start to sweat like a mad-man of which forces me to constantly have a change or clothes, drinking water and/or a towel to wipe myself down!

Incidentally, I was looking on Amazon.com just this past week at cooling vest’s to order online as I felt the need to have one!

As Ige told me – THE POWER OF THE MIND!

Its very light weight and fine material - there are 2 pockets, one of each ice pack. Very very easy to set up and put on!

Here it is fully loaded - with a motivational paragraph and care instructions. As you can see, the shoulder straps are very adjustable!

I was so exited with this product, I used it right away today on my morning trainer ride that are always tortuously hot!

Its sleek and light weight design made it incognito but at the same time very vivid in its purpose of keeping my spine which is the 'highway' of my body's Qi!

The 'hurt box' was a bit more pleasant today, which allow me to focus better on the task at hand: PUNCH MY PEDALS!

All in all its a great products that can help an athletes get the most out of themselves in training, or stay cool before racing and even during a race! Or for me, use it to go around regular errands in the middle of the day because thats siesta time here in The Philippines before the evening rush-hour to get things done, or should I say ‘slow hour’ ahahahaha!

The ice pack stayed cool for my entire 80 min trainer ride, but was fading near the end…I would not use it for running, but I would do the bike leg a hot Olympic or Half Ironman with it over my race suite as I know first hand, how much heat can affect performance…

It doesn’t appear to have any aerodynamic penalty and the weight is very negligible over a flat/rolling course where an athlete stay’s in the aero-position! I just have to try it one with an aero helmet to see if there will be some contact!

Anyway thats it for now - hope you enjoy this blog, next Sunday I am doing this race which allow's me to sleep in my own bed, ride to the race course in the morning and race on my regular training grounds!

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