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X-Terra Putik Pare Report! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


X-Terra Putik Pare Report!

Hey blog readers! This would be my 3rd off road duathlon and 4th ANY duathlon in the past 10 weeks – as always it was exhilarating and challenging in many different dimensions!  I ran through rivers, ran in thick sand for about 4k strait, scaled up a sandy wall, rode uphill for longer than I would have wanted too, ridden through local disney-land, rode withing a few meters of cows and goats, ran thought mud, feel down once, had to walk up a hill once with my bike and went down sketchy downhills!

The race dynamics where like so – my team-mate and mine would start the 10k off road run and 20k off road MTB @ simultaneously – each starting what-ever leg we had agreed upon – then we would meet in transition and could not start the 2nd leg NOR the mud-pit area (last 50m) so how-ever was in transition first could get a short rest before they head out =)

Random —> I actually got T-boned by a motor cycle about 36 hours before the race – my back wheel and rear derailleur had to be replaced – did not get hurt physically but I was shaken and temporarily lots trust in GREEN LIGHTS in the Philippines…But thats a whole blog that will never be posted – simply an adventure I will share over a few brew’s in many years to come about how there traffic accidents are ‘fixed’ in 3rd world country’s – ahahahahahahahaha!

This would be my 3rd X-Terra event this year!

I have been into lots of porta-johns in my life and I they always smell terrible!

Part of the race course in the backdrop?

This Gatorade aid station in the Lahar river was like an Oasis in middle of the desert!

In the first transition with my race-partner Joseph Miller.

Here I am over taking riders on my 2nd time in the Lahar river - cycling in this sand was very very difficult!

Flying dismount off road I prefer to do with bike bike shoes!

You never how deep a puddle is until you jump in feet first!

I did not hear the racce brefing very well but I assumed we had to cross the mud pit hand in hand - turns out we did not have to?



Starting an off road race is always intense because your rarely know the course well so @ the finish its always more relieve that you get to rest physically and mentally!

Bike and body wash - the body wash soap was sponsored ;)

These usually do a 69to stand up independently but NOT in MTB'ing?

My plate for my post race brunch.

A traditional experience is always a bonus when racing - Sunrise events made sure of that =)

Filipino's love their meat: Sisig aka PIGFACE - Tocino aka SWEETBREAKFASTPORK - Sausa aka SAUSAGE!!!

It aint breaky in Asia without egg with white rice ahahaha!

We won heaps of give away's like VASELINE MENS products - Alaska Milk products - Timex watch with 1 year warranty - Gatorade towel


Our finishers medals ( me and Joyettes) and my trophy where made from *Lahar Flow* which is laval flow - very original idea from the organizers I though as I never had any most race awards made out of rock! This comes from the 1991 MT Pinatubo eruption that shook millions of people's lifes!

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