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My Inversion Table 2 years on. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


My Inversion Table 2 years on.

Hey readers – a couple years back I hurt one of my thoracic vertebrae’s in Phuket and to fix it I used a mixed remedy of heat and hanging upside down on an inversion table, click here to see the blog I posted on my first hanging session!

Below is a new blog about my experiences/opinion on using this table as a regular ambitious triathlete who spends more time than he should sitting in front of a computer…I hope it finds well those who have shared these furious backs pain that I have experienced…

Lumbar compression, scoliosis, bulging disk, herniation, slipped disk, sciatica or simply put in layman’s terms ‘a-dodgy-back’ can all be helped by an inversion table!

As humans go about their day, their interverterbal disks lose blood and gradually get smaller, reducing the space between vertebrae’s. This makes your spine less flexible, slows down circulation and increases the susceptibility to trauma in the midst of brisk or un-expected lateral movement!!!

Even without the trauma, the degeneration of the disk’s, particularly of the Lumbar section of the spine over the years will also cause discomfort by accumulating tightness will most-likely be antagonized by OVER or UNDER use.

Too much lifting or too much sitting?

An inversion table will give instant relief by using gravity in the opposing direction.

This is far from a modern concept, Egyptian’s, Hippocrates and ancient yogis have been report to have use inversion methods to help during antiquity medicine.

A fly yoga session!

LA seems to know a lot about getting that 'edge' out of his body - judging from this picture, hes tense so probably doesn't hang often and his grey hair shows this is a recent picture.

Back problems will affect most humans at one point or another in their lifes – regardless the cause such as trauma, pregnancy, over use, under use, age, genetics, poor posture, ect.

The most common mainstream ’remedy’ for this predicament is core strength…LOL!

This^ will simply increase tension in the Multifidus mucles which runs up-wards along your spinal cord. During trauma, it has the tendency to lock-up as a default to protect the spinal cords aka the ‘highway’ of your system!.

A strong core is not always a pain free core because humans are prone to over reach – the tighter the Multifidus the less flexible the Vertabal Column will be, thus a hernia cause by a sudden motion and/or spinal degeneration maybe imminent.

My passive position against back pain.

Doing it first thing in the morning is a bad idea, by head gets heavy very quick! I put a towel around the ankle guard coz its quite un-comfortable as that the main point of pressure.

My ritual would be 3 X 5 min on the odd days alternating with 10 min strait on the even days. Its intimidating @ first to put all your trust in it, but once your back leaves the back of the table, all the tightness in your spine/hips/hamstrings/vertebrae have no-where to hide and gradually get pulled by gravity!

The default amount of force in the stretching is determined by my body weight and gravity as well to stretching very evenly down both sides of my body! I get a slight head rush, when I have some sinus inflammation, I ca really feel it when I am upside down.

The blood rush to the head can sometimes be un-comfortable, other times it helps with my thinking by allowing me to relax and ultimately, gives me a sensation of euphoria!

After a few minutes hanging, I will do a few twists, butt clenches, round/arch my back with the goal to get some cricks and cracks to come out! The feeling is like no other – the gratification is instant, especially after sitting for a while or after a long MTB ride. The more I get on the table, the higher up my spine the stretching goes!

I have experiment with some rubbing of my Sciatic Nerves while hanging – the tension mixed with the pressure of massaging causes some ‘electricity shots’ to run through my legs! Its always great to feel the Qi doing its thing in my lower body! This will help sciatic compression as its often instigated by sitting for long duration in a poor posture and/or the inflammation of a spinal disk in the Lumbar area!

Some believe that copious hanging will make them taller ;)

Anyway hope you have learned about passive and non-invasive back remedies! this inversion table cost around 200$ and it has paid for itself many times! Now, my low-back is getting tight from sitting and writing this…time to go hang!


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