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Its The Holiday’s – Lets Eat! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Its The Holiday’s – Lets Eat!

Hey readers – eating healthy is rarely something that is ‘switched on’ or ‘switched off’. Its more of a mind-set, a part of you and your attitude. I have said it before and will say it again, dont look @ food thinking “will this make be skinnier or fatter?” but rather “how much energy and protection will this give me?”

When eating, there are several factors that come into play, nutritional density, taste, price and convenience. Funny enuff, the un-healthy foods are the tasty-est, cheapest, more convenient and rarely nutritionally dense.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated and tasteless.

Earlier this year, TeamTBB teamed up with Ignite Naturals as a nutritional sponsor!

Santa came early this year =)

Nutrition is something thats very personal and often key to performance @ the 1% of many sports, so why the heck make almost 30 endurance athletes from ALL OVER the globe eat the same stuff?

As you read this blog, you will realize how Ignite Naturals are taking the right steps to make their products suitable for anybody and everybody!

A few months ago I wrote —> THIS BLOG <— about my personal favorite smoothie! Now, I’ll go more into detail about the unique individuality and advantages of Ignite Naturals products.

As the Holiday Season arrives, most will be eating more frequently and in larger quantities – HEY LEAVE ME ALONE ITS THE HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY IS EATING JUNK FOOD AS WELL !!!

<Deep breath and cracks knuckles>

As endurance athletes we all need to take in more food than civilians would, so one is just ‘winging-it’ chances are you are taking in MORE UN-HEALTHY products than somebody who is NOT an athlete as their caloric intake will be much less. The clichée, “I eat what I want cause I exercise a lot” can be a dangerous attitude.

Eating to much of the wrong food can cause all sorts of problems much more severe that a ‘bad -race’ or having low energy.

My biggest personal fear is Type 2 Diabetes because like many, I eat a copious amount of various carbo-hydrates since my body craves and needs it. This disease is slowly becoming an Epidemic in modern countries:

Ignite Naturals pre-workout supplement IN Extreme Energy contains a 1:4 carb to protein ratio and the  I.N. Extreme Energy Natural Cocoa pouches have 1.5 grams of carbs to 15g of protein thats a whopping 1:10 carb to protein ratio! And the kicker is, the carbs come from various NATURAL sources – check it out!

Folks, sorry for the bad news but this is only gonna get worst - its estimated that somebody who develops type 2 diabetes will live 10 years LESS than if NOT having it!

In 2007 I was roommates with Vinnie Santana of Ironguides when we did a training camp @ the Borsaen Villa and Spa. Vinnie is a type 1 diabetic, sharing living quarters with him was an eye opener about this disease I knew very little about and my own mediocre, sloppy and gray diet!

Heres a 'lay-mens' visual!

Now another developing epidemic is Gluten Sensitivity. While this is something complicated, that branches out into different predicaments and maybe have several causes, the reality is that if you can eat products Gluten presently without any noticeable effect, it doesn’t mean you will be able to for the rest of your life as it maybe develop later in life!

Ignite Naturals have nutritional supplements that are Gluten free such as all their Re-Load Energy Gels and the I.N. Extreme Energy Natural Cocoa pouches!

Lactose and Gluten free =)

This is Nick and his girl friend Risa (my girl friends sister). Nick is Gluten sensitive and has Celiac Disease. Hes got a few horror stories about when he and his family did not know hes disease...Once when he was a young boy he broke both legs @ the same time, in an accident that would not hurt somebody 'normal'...He's supper meticulous, disciplined and aware of his diet all the while knowing all the tasty food he cannot eat - RESPECT!

Heres another 'lay-mens' visual.

Now, this may not be an Epidemic, but Lactose Intolerance is another global issue that affects many, some of which dont even know it. Drinking another mammal’s milk is not very natural, but due to Lactase Persistence many cultures and/or ethnicity’s can drink milk without any problem – which is great because milk is full of good stuff =)

Take this map with a 'grain-of-salt' but it does give you a basic visual on who/where people maybe @ risk.

As you might have guessed it, Ignite Naturals has lactose free products cause who wants to deal with this bellow in life, training or racing!

Now, with the holiday season just around the corner, heres some tips:

-If your gonna eat some ‘sinfull’ foods try to make sure its home cooked as they ingredients will probably be more wholesome versus ‘take-out food’ which is produced with cheap ingredients and manipulated in ways, like the cooking and preserving thats not very ‘kosher’ ;)  And of course we all know that home cooked food tastes better as theres been more care/time put into it, but also its also more personal to cook for people you know personally.

Heres Joyette in 'the baking zone' as she makes use chocolate oat meal cookies - YES!

OMG!!! Freshly baked cookies with fresh cold Alaska milk =)

-Dont feel the need to eat anything or everything thats put in front of you, its your body and the ‘food-pushers’ may not realize who full/un-comfortable you maybe at that place/time or any health concerns you maybe have. Between feeling good or being quietly polite and force eating, often to politely refuse and feel good physically later on.

-If your gonna indulge, try a new food you never tasted. Seriously, if you know something is un-healthy and already know what it taste like, chose the other option of eating something un-health and new, that way, your not repeating the same mistake ;) As well to tasting something new, which is part of the whole eating experience!

-Portions, yes pretty self-explanatory, especially if you go to an event/party with a buffet style meal!

-Dont MIX your protein’s to much – theres nothing more stressful for the Human Gastrointestinal Track than to try and metabolize copious types of meat @ once, this can lead to constipation and for food particles to get stuck in your Colon. Heres a story, when I first went to Joyette’s house to meet her mom, they served me 5 different types of proteins, tuna/pork/chicken/beef/shrimp all in one meal and of course, it revolved around WHITE RICE – ahahahahaha! Well I though she was trying to impress me, so I tasted them all only to have sore stomach later on…Eventually, I realized this is very typical of Filipino people to eat so much meat!

-Mix your alcohol right and dont drink on an empty stomach. On the rigs when we went to town to party, there was this saying “Beer before liquor – never been sicker but liquor before bear – in the clear” coz we had a 12 hour shift the next day! Basically, drinking liquor first will get you drunk faster, so will deter your from drinking a greater volume later on. How-ever, drinking beer first, may take longer to get a ‘buzz’ so this will compel one to drink or take more shots. And of course, wine is an ‘healthier’ option and so is champagne asthey both have medium amounts of alcohol!

-Try to eat un-healthy just once per day – so if your going to an evening event, do your best to eat a normal, whole-some breaky and lunch so you a least can have that ‘ying’ to your ‘yang’ effect!

-Dont binge either way. Dont under eat nor over eat. Its an easy mistake, not eat much during the day as you know you will feast in the evening, best is to ‘graze’ through the day and then slightly go over in the evening so you can enjoy it fully! Not eating enuff can cause mood-swings or head-aches and only compel you to OVER-eat in the evening.

-Take what you want but eat what you take. Dont waste food, no matter how much there is because to many people go to bed hungry…

Anyway, this blog is getting long – if you read it all the way to this point. Remember, its not because somebody is skinny and exercises a lot that they are necessarily healthy – I have read copious food diary’s from the athletes I coach online and there is a link, more often that not between their personality/attitudes and what they eat!

Happy/safe holidays and take some good nutritional decision, you will thank yourself down the road of life!

2013 here we come =)

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