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Year 27. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Year 27.

Hey readers – well today I am 27 years old!

I cant say I feel like im 27 – my stiff lower back and receding hair make me feel like im 37, then on the other hand my irregular hissy fits and youth full enthusiasm often makes me appear like a 17 year old so its like my 37 year old body and 17 year old mind both meet half @ 27 years old ;)

I remember when I turned 25, it felt special, quarter century made me feel like I was starting true adult-hood. But 27 feels a bit in-different – I dont feel like getting married – I dont feel like buying a house – I dont feel like having kids.

Just feels like im still allowed to be immature and do the occasional mistake!

I can believe that I have achieved more than 99% of 27 year olds out there but I not enuff of a ‘phenom’ to allow me to sit back and think I have ‘made it’…While I do boast a miscellaneous arsenal of talents and abilities – I know I must keep grinding away @ my duties for the next few years if I want to earn a legitimate legacy or a Wikipedia page ;)

On a day-to-day basis I take order and I give orders. The list of those who give me order’s is quite short and the one’s I give orders to is steadily growing =)

Now, looking back @ my 26th year – I can say it was by far my best year where I was able to achieve something special where I have struggled in the past: CONSISTENCY. Something that can trump a lot of better qualities in the long run or in the bigger picture!

For my 27th year, my only objective is to make it 1% better than the my past year!

Well, I did feel like swimming 100 X 100 or running 27 miles or any other wacky birthday stunts a lot of athletes will do  or that I have done in the past – I just want to spend a relaxing day – I want to spend time with people who are close to me, as they are the ones who get neglected when I am in ‘work mode’ 364 days a year.

Bellow is a  little piece I read in a 2009 newspaper about those born on January 16th – I think its pretty spot in!

Your dignified and creative, but your also a ball of energy! One part of you likes a structured system wit h lists and a regular schedule , but another part of you is completely spontaneous. You value learning, and your open to socializing with all walks of life. People love your enthusiasm!

I share my birth-day with these famous people:

Kate Moss John Carpenter Roy Jones Jr. Bayinnaung Sade Francois De Vendome Maik Petzold Drew Arellano

Anyway, thats about it – some memories I have from  my birth-day back in Canada, it always followed the holidays, back to school and it was always freezing cold so there was never any huge party’s cause everybody was in a frugal  mode…

Well at-least now the weather is very different here in the Philippines 8)

Here are some pics from my casual b-day:

Joyette made me Toblerone Chesse Cake which I dug-in @ around 8h30ish am after my long/hill/off-road run!!!

Fresh cake goes hand-in-hand with fresh milk to wash it down =)

Lunch @ Dad's Ultimate Buffet - for 555 pesos (13$ US) you can eat all you can from around 200ish dishes - I of course mainly stuck to the Sushi stop and ate what is worth about 100$ CDN back home!!!

Freshly made stir fried noddles - ITS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!!!


Umm somebody need to re-load this Tempura and fried Asian cordon bleu (my name for it)!

My lunch mates!

I finished the day off with a massage and a few Tanduay Ice!

For the record, the Yellow T-Ice is my nw favorite flavor =)

Yes, those are so are called ‘lady-drinks’ – hehehehe!

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