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Subic Bay NAGT Race Report. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Subic Bay NAGT Race Report.

Hey readers – last Sunday I competed in my first road triathlon since the Cobra Ironman 70.3 in Cebu City last August! Yes it was a very small race, nothing was at stake, simply giving it my all on the day over the given distance to get a no-bull-shit test on where my fitness is as im prepping for X-Terra Philippines on the first weekend of March!

Some of my athletes would also be kicking off their tri-season as well - Looks like Joyette need more coffee ;)

Races like this brought back some nostalgia when I saw the youth race going on and then saw them attentively staring at the ‘older’ athletes racing after them! Thats how I started into triathlon, ripping over a very short distance, and then getting exited watching the adult race, see how’s strong the adults, if my friends mom is hammering the dad of that kid I dont like or how my older club mates are fairing against the top athletes!

Regardless how small this race is, I still went through my usual race routine, what I ate the 24 hours before gun start, visualization and going over my usual pre-race workouts. The only difference is, I did not use any of my ‘race toys’ for this race, because me and Joyette would be in Subic Bay for almost 10 day and were tight for space in the car…

The swim course @ Dungaree beach.

Me and Dhill running on the beach to start the 2nd lap of the swim!

This would also be my first race using my new x-mast toy, a GoPro camera mounted on my helmet which will help me taking my blogging and coaching to a new level =)

Side view - its a bit heavy...ah well thats is life!

As a disclaimer, I put the setting to take a shot every 10 seconds – so it be ‘hand-off’ photography where I would simply move the lever up/down to get different angles. Now the issue with the GoPro is that I get soooo many pictures to chose from, its hard to pick which one put on my blog – just so you know, I do have some pictures of athletes drafting or ridding way left – however, I will keep these to myself…JUST BE WARE OF ANYBODY RACING WITH A GOPRO – MUAHAHAHAHA!

Frontal view - not very aero but you know...

The first part of the bike was in the Subic Bay forest.

Close up view of my cock-pit in racing action!

WOAH - I almost got T-Boned by a motorist on the fist U-turn (in a t-ish-junction) on the 2nd loop - pretty scary moment but all @ low speed!

Racing against my shadow all day...

Time for a flying DISMOUNT!

Running is T2.

Relieved to be finished!

Now time to giver a bend over ;)

When I showed up on race morning, it was dark and the air was tense with combined pre-race-nerves...I could NOT find my transition spot, I mean, for like 10 minutes I SEARCHED! My race number was 111 - well turns out it was put between 239 and 241 - ahahahahaha - In Canada 240 goes between these 2 numbers, NOT 111 ;)

Traditional Pinoy breaky with Lugaw, Pancit, Adobo stuffed break and a touch of Americanism for the race location - BANANA BREAD!

All in all it was nice to race back-2-back weekends – I saw that my run fitness needs to be stepped up, as I struggled some on the 21k and then on the 10k run of this race, I felt like a ‘one speed wonder’…A feeling I know very well…Anyway, still got 1 month before X-Terra Philippines!

I can honestly say, im much fitter than I was last year at this time and have a clear idea what I need to do to get fast-ER – the tricky part, is finding time to train and recover between my coach obligations…Ahhhh the drama’s of my life ;)

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