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Cobb SHC 170 Saddle Review. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Cobb SHC 170 Saddle Review.

Hey readers – well its around that time of year where sponsored gear comes in! Last year I received the Cobb Max and wrote my thoughts on it —>HERE<—.

I had such great sensations with the Cobb Max, its questionable and even hypocritical of me to fiddle around with what works. As clichee as is sounds:  If it aint broken dont fix it!

It started around X-mast last year when I got my hands on a Cobb SHC Dirt saddle for my mountain bike & really loved it, my blog about it can be found —>HERE<— so I figured, it be worth it to try its road alternative! I mean, considering the Cobb SHC 170 is lighter and more expensive than the Cobb Max, it definitely classifies as an upgrade on my Cervegnolo P3! Either you like upgrading triathlon gear or your wrong – bahahahaha!

So after ridding my new saddle on the road, indoor trainer and in a race, here are my thoughts:

The narrower tip and thinner ‘memory foam’ allowed me to be more DYNAMIC in my ridding, getting out of the saddle, sliding back on a down hill or ‘nose ridding’ up a steep hill was much easier to do. The Cobb Max was great for STATIC ridding where I could settle into the saddle’s thick ‘memory foam’ and stay there for long duration’s without any discomfort what-so-ever, but I did notice a bit of a bouncing/squishing when getting in and out of the saddle repetitively over short duration’s.

Considering the technical nature and short distances of most of my races on my schedule in the first half of this year, the Cobb SHC 170 did suite much better!

Also, considering that like a true TeamTBB solider, I grind a big gear, there is less pressure on my saddle as more of it is spread on my pedals! If somebody with the spinning (90-100 RPM) approach combined with an LDS methodology, I would advice to stick to the Max as there will be much more pressure on your seat.

Considering my morphology, narrow hips and around 150ish pounds, the narrower Cobb SHC 170 suite sme very well! But if I was a heavier with wide hips, I personally can imagine the Cobb Max would be better!

Another VERY IMPORTANT aspect is the ascetics ;) hehehehehehe of course, this is triathlon! The Cobb SHC 170 looks sleeker than the Cobb Max which has a funny looking nose, of which has compelled  a few NON triathlon friends and roadies to say: WTF? And then process to feel it!

Just like the Cobb SHC Dirt, the Cobb SHC 170 FLEX’s in the middle part, of which made me migrate to sitting more towards the middle of the saddle, thus ensuring comfort as it absorb’s vibrations/shocks caused by miscellaneous road conditions which will help to reduce friction/rubbing between me and the saddle so that we are in a way, COHESIVE with one another instead of being two different entities on top of each other.

The flexing also helps those with a leg-length-discrepancy, which most of us have as well to ‘cradle’ itself when sitting on it!

Without pressure.

With pressure.

Anyway, hope you have found this blog informative – if I have helped just 1 person chose a saddle that suites their morphology as well to their ridding style, then I am happy because an athletes relationship with its saddle is an INTIMATE one ;) Just as a disclaimer, I’m definitely keeping my Cobb Max on the side because its just such a comfortable saddle, that I know I’ll be tempted to swap it around if I ever get the chance to live/train somewhere I can do long rides outdoors and prepare for a long distance race!

Last but not least, heres a short tube with John Cobb himself & TeamTBB‘s Sam Warriner discussing the Cobb SHC 170:

YouTube Preview Image

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