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My new ON Cloudrunners! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


My new ON Cloudrunners!

Hey readers – yes ANOTHER equipment blog! As I said, its that time of year =)

I just got my hands on the very new Cloudrunners and got the chance to test them out over a few runs recently! Its a very cool shoe that has A LOT of thought put into – in my option, raising the bar in the shoe industry!

ON, like a few TeamTBB sponsors such as Cervelo, Ignite Natural, Huub Design, Cobb Saddles, etc are very innovative companies and push the boundaries of endurance equipment!

Growing up in Canada, I was often told that I lived in the 2nd best country (all things considered) and that Switzerland was the best!

One of the cool aspect of this shoe is its new *SPEEDBOARD* between the sole and foot that has many useful functions to help forward propulsion, better energy distribution while landing at various angles, assist in guiding the foot upon impact & push off the ground more effectively!

This was a shoe where just looking and touching it out of the box was FUN and interesting! I must have taken a good 30 minutes geeking around with it and comparing it to my other ON shoes – like a kid on Chris-mast morning!

Left to right are the fastest to slowest in vibrant colors!

Each shoe has different size/number/thickness of CloudTec Lugs™ for various speeds and running style!

Gave the shoes a test run during some brisk off road hill repeat!

The shoes really felt good bouncing up and down the hills – very stable as the CloudTec Lugs™ modulated over the various terrain!

Me and Banjo both agreed the larger/reinforced CloudTec Lugs™ on the heel helped to absorb the impact on the way down!

The pattern of the CloudTec Lugs™ under the shoe makes them a great choice for those bowlegged athletes who under-pronate (me) as it will encourage a more neutral/forward push-off with the help to the SPEEDBOARD!

One key feature is the larger CloudTec Lug™ on the outside of the heel!

The CloudTec Lugs™ on these are also ‘filled’ with some added cushioning, allowing for better absorption of the impact and I believe it will also help with the longevity of the CloudTec Lugs™ since there a bit shallower than the other training shoes that ON as on its roster, apart from the Cloudracer which has slightly smaller/shallower ones!

The CloudTec Lugs™ without pressure when in mid-flight!

And BITE upon impact for better traction and absorption before pushing off!

To conclude, this shoe is on the ‘heavier’ side @ 315g/11.1 OZ for size 8.5 US men but considering the advantages and that the lesser an athletes running abilities or heavier they are or harder surfaces they run on or longer distance they cover – these will be very beneficial to help synergies your running efforts all the while absorbing the impact better for energy conservation and reduction in injury’s and soreness!

Last but not least, if your interested in a pair of these or any other ON shoes,  drop me a note at: mattohalloran@teamtbb.com.

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