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Mountain Biking To The Next Level! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Mountain Biking To The Next Level!

Hey readers – many of you know that I DNF’d the recent X-Terra Philippines after crashing 2 days before the race…Well after the race, I ultimately had 2 options:

#1) To put my MTB in the corner & focus to ride on Cervégnolo P3.

#2) To suck it up and keep ridding my MTB.

Well since its the dry season here in The Philippines and the trails are crips, dry and fast I decided to go with #2 and make a few changes to my MTB set-up – more specifically use a CamelBak and take off all the stuff hanging from my bike to make it lighter!

Before with water Bottle/Cage/Pump/Co2/Levers/Saddle Bag with 2 X 29er tubes.



You, get on my back - ya'll fit nicely & centered!

But you GoPro, even though your heavy, you can come & hang out on my 3T ARX Pro Stem occasionally ;)

My blog assistant =)

Apart from the occasional ride with my GoPro - ridding with a ‘naked’ frame has added a new dimension to my ridding. I estimate I got 3 pounds off my frame, which is very noticeable when I ‘bunny hop’ or swing my bike side to side when I climb or accelerate and when I go over ruff terrain I feel like I have better control of my bike where I can maneuver much more feasibly!

The CamelBak gives me more freedom and selection when I want to drink – the water stays cooler longer and allows me to carry more liquids as well! Considering I have a titanium collar bone from 2008; I had the preconceived notion it would be a hassle & make me feel hot! Au contraire – I am now a believer!

“Look ma, NO HANDS” (with hillbilly accent inspired by The Simpsons) – ahahahaha!

Multi-tasking: drinking, hammering & taking pictures for my blog all @ once!

Cornering @ the top of a short power climb.

Mooooooooooooooooo-out-of-the-way cows!

Ridding through a tunnel with my chin close to my 3T ARX PRO stem & bent elbows!

Cleared the tunnel with a different bike kit & GoPro angle!

After the tunnel comes a river x-sing!

A view of the tunnel from the other side of the river.

My Micheal Jordan impression!

Taking a picture NOW!


Not focused ;)

Lets go!!!

And keep going!

Over some rocks.

Ridding a bit too close to the bush!

Goofing around!

More goofing around ;)

Trying to get aero on the road...

Not much traffic out here!

Chasing Joyette.

Finally got to pass her - giving the 'look back' to make sure she keeps puhsing!

Anyway, I will be getting as much MTB’ing as I can before the rainy season starts…Where it will be mainly ridding my Tacx Booster from there going into Subic 5i50 and Cebu 70.3!


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