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Cebu 70.3 Report. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Cebu 70.3 Report.

Hey readers – last weekend @ the Cebu 70.3, our team had some great, some okay and some bad results.

Personally,  I came back from this race with so much more than I arrived with, I got humbled as an athlete once again but encouraged as a coach after seeing some of my athletes so well!

We also got the unique chance to hear apl.de.ap of the Black Eyed Peas freestyle on stage at the meet-the-pro’s conference 2 days before the race! apl.de.ap was actually competing the 90km bike ride in the relay to raise money/awareness for his foundation to help kids in The Mindano Province.

I write this on a flight back Canada with Joyette, my first time in 2 years and her first time ever. I’m looking forward to a nice ‘home vacation’ and switch off as much as I can…My day-to-day life is triathlon 24/7 so im looking forward to escaping for 5 weeks so that my mind/body can be stimulated by other activities and non-triathletes ;)

My focus and desires to prepare/race as a pro have slowly been diminishing this year as I have been doing the same workouts, over the same roads or on the training for quite sometime where it seems to be getting dull…

Having Banjo win the Filipino Elite title at the tender age of 19 years old was the highlight for me and made me realize how much I love coaching! Banjo took a risk this summer; we agreed that he’d be best to skip a semester of College to focus on the 3 major races of the year: 5i50 SubicCebu 70.35i50 Clark and then return to school in Cagayan De Oro in mid-November


Needless to say, the risk and commitment paid off because only those who arm themselves accordingly and hunt for the big pay checks will ever get a chance to cash them ;)

Since April Banjo has been living in my house in Laguna where he gradually got stronger, faster and fitter by doing consistent training. Nothing extreme or high-tech, simply maximizing each training day the best we can with a no-bullshit attitude as we follow the proven TeamTBB training guidelines.

This result is a firm step forward in our program but it’s definitely not the time to get complacent, comfortable, or take a rest, but rather, rightfully dream bigger, aim higher and take more calculated risks towards our team’s objective to create Elite Level Filipino Triathletes.

Regardless if it’s creating an Olympian, medaling at the Asian Games or a podium in international level race, it’s a huge team effort. I know triathlon is an individual sport, but it takes a big support group composed of coaches, sponsors, managers, training partners, family etc. to reach a serious level and stay there!

In The Philippines, there is this “the chosen one” mentality where promising athlete are spoiled, idolized and smuttered  in compliments. This simply keeps the standards low, instigates a sense of entitlement and complacency. This is what I call the “start comple”‘ for those who’d know some athletes who have gone down that road.

This is where CULTURE comes into play. Canada has great hockey players because the standards are high because of the greats from the past. Brazil has great soccer players because the standards are high because of to the greats from the past. Kenya has great distance runners because the standards are high because of the greats from the past. And so on.

It’s human nature that each generation aspire to be better than the past one – so it’s only normal that when a certain country has little history or accomplishments in a particular sport, their hard pressed to find their bearings.

This is where general perspective comes into play. Last Sunday, Banjo was not 6 minutes ahead of the 2nd place Philipino Elite, but rather, 28 minutes behind the first overall athlete – that’s the reality.

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