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1st Camp

I have been on camp for 4 weeks in not so sunny Queensland and I have been challenged mentally and physically but I have to say it is the best 4 weeks of training that I have ever done. My mates have asked me about Brett and the best way I can describe him is that he is a wizard. I have enjoyed the long,long rides and runs with my team mates and I am looking forward to catching up with other members of the team in the next few weeks. I am back in Melbourne briefly and during this time I have picked up my new P3 bike and had the opportunity to ride it along the famous Beach Road, love the ride on this bike, 1st time using Campag gears love how smooth the gears are and Cobb seat made it a really comfortable ride. Flying back to Queensland today for another 4 weeks of training. Just want to thank Cerevelo, Campagnolo, 3T and Cobb Cycling for sponsoring this great bike.

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