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Bonjour from Switzerland « Matt Bailey's Blog


Bonjour from Switzerland

Well I have been in Switzerland now for a month. This place is nothing like I have been to before, there are mountains everywhere you look and beautiful scenery. I have got to know some of the other members of the team which has been great, you can learn so much from these world class athletes not just how they train, but what they do for recovery and how they back up each and everyday. The training has been just as hard as I thought it would be after doing that camp in QLD. Not so much on the heart as much as on the legs, every ride you climb some sort of hill or mountain, now when they say hill that just means a 14km climb back home. I have done couple of track sessions then the enjoyable climb back up the hill, I have rode around the small lake which is lake Geneva (200 plus kms) been in and out of France in a day which seemed a little strange going into another country by bike, can’t do that in Australia. The weather changes here more than back home in Melbourne. First couple of weeks we had rain and snow on top of the mountains,wearing every bit of winter gear I had, going down mountain not being able to feel your feet or fingers and then the next week I got sunburnt and wearing just knicks and a jersey.

My accommodation is what you would expect being the lower order member in a world class team. Very basic, no TV, washing machine or internet, but in a great location only 200 meters from the pool and situated above a bike store which always comes in handy. The language barrier has been probably the greatest battle; I can climb up a category 2 climb but trying to work out what the labels say on the food and then asking for help when you can only speak four words of French becomes very tricky. The best thing about not being able to speak the language is that when you go riding with the guys the incentive to hang on is huge because otherwise there is no way that I could get back or ask for directions. But in saying this I am loving the training and the country itself, it’s always fun getting up in the morning to go for swimming just to hear what the master himself has to say to you or someone else usually it is always funnier when it’s not you.

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