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Uni and sport

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

As most people who follow me on twitter(@mattbailz) will know that I am back in sunny (I wish) Melbourne. I have been back for a month now, since my last blog my hand injury has healed really well and it has had no impact on my training. Getting back into the swing of things back home was very easy, went to my usual swim squad which hadn’t changed at all. Got back onto my computrainer and the famous beach road for my cycling and straight back to pounding the footpath.

The hardest part of it all was getting back into doing university and studying again. You may not know but I am doing a Bachelor of Sport Coaching, which seems a bit ironical considering that I am learning everything I needed to know about coaching off the best triathlon coach in the world. I spend a lot of the time in lectures and tutorials comparing what the textbook says and what doc would say about certain topics they are quite the opposite. But I am really enjoying having that balance of Uni life and my life as a pro triathlete.

Last weekend I went and raced in Yeppoon, which is in northern Queensland for those who do not know. The race is within a resort; a nice 2km walk down the beach to the swim start and then a very bumpy 5 lap course on the roads of Yeppoon and then to finish it off with a 3 lap course through trails and bush land in the resort grounds. I am not going to bore you with the breakdown of the race all I am going to say is I came 2nd out of the water, 4th off the bike and finished in 5th place overall. Very disappointed with the race but as doc pointed out in his own colorful way I shouldn’t have raced, should have done 12 week solid block of training before getting out there and racing after my injury.