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Life Doesn’t Always Go To Plan « Matt Bailey's Blog


Life Doesn’t Always Go To Plan

Picture this you are overseas (well New Zealand) just having completed a race 2 days ago, which didn’t quite go to plan, so you are really looking forward to getting home and starting your training in preparation for a better result hopefully at the next race. It’s 5.00am in the morning feeling a bit sore and tired (not unusual for most of us after a 70.3), get to the airport too tired to bother eating properly, and grab a coke and muffin for breakfast. Get on the plane and curl up next to the window and fall asleep. Next thing you are lying across 3 seats with an IV drip in your arm and oxygen mask on and the plane preparing to land back in Auckland where it had taken off 2 hours earlier.

After a night in hospital I came to realise, that maybe I should take a break from triathlon and get my life back into balance. So that’s what I did for the next 3 weeks. I didn’t watch or read or even want to talk about triathlon, triathlon did not exist in my life for those three weeks. After my three-week exile from triathlon I was desperate to get back into it, but decided to ramp my training up slowly. I went out on a couple of rides and runs with a few of mates and had some fun with my training no pressure just did what I wanted to do. I entered into a couple of fun runs and was going to do a couple of local bike races again.

About 6 weeks after recommencing training, in fact on the 8th of April (implanted in memory) it was a brilliant sunny day in Melbourne, I hadn’t gone swimming that morning with my squad, hadn’t really done much all day because I had a big weekend planed, 200km bike ride on Saturday and a 10km fun run on Sunday. But I thought why not just go for a swim at the local beach near me, so I invited a mate and we went down to the beach and had a good swim session. We always finish our sessions with a 500m swim sprint and a run up the beach, as I was sprinting up the beach my foot hit a pot hole and instead of face planting I stopped myself and firmly planted all my weight on my hip, which resulted in my hip giving way. For about a minute I was unable to put any weight on the leg what so ever, so I knew I had injured the hip. This wasn’t the first time I had injured this hip 3 years back I had to undergo 2 surgeries on the same hip, so I was a little worried as you can imagine. But after the initial pain it seemed fine so I went on with the day and in fact the whole weekend. Sure I felt it a little on the bike but who doesn’t get niggles when riding 200km. Anyway to cut my story short 5 weeks later after a steroid injection and surgery on my hip it is back to normal (thanks to my awesome orthopaedic surgeon) and I am working my way back to fitness.

Sure the start to 2013 wasn’t what I wanted. But I believe losers are quitters and I am not going to give up on my dream, so even though it may take me longer than I had hoped to get where I want to be in triathlon, these hiccups aren’t going to deter me, they are experiences that are going to make me a better athlete at the end of the day. As Brett constantly tells me “hurry slowly”. I have to thank Brett, Matty Koorey and Alex , Team TBB have been fantastic over the last few months, they have been really supportive and their main concern has always been that I get back to good health. Thanks guys you really are such a supportive team in so many ways.

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