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My First Ironman 70.3 « Neil Catiil's Blog


My First Ironman 70.3

Wow! It’s so great. It’s hard and very painful but, I love it!!!!!!

Out of T1, going to bike a 90km.

Here I go!!

Looking good on the way out of T2, run a 21km.

On the first loop of the run, I was doing good but on the last loop and to the finish line, I got cramps on my leg, shoulders getting heavier and I’m so exhausted. Even I’m hurt, I feel like I’m going to stop, yet  I said to myself, “Hey, don’t stop! Until you reach the finish line.”

Wuuuh! I made it! Yeaaah.,,,.,.

You may thought I’m smiling, No! I’m not. I’m in pain. Ouuch! It hurts, it hurts you know.

Awards night. Right, Noy Jopson 3rd place; left, Arland Macaseib 2nd place; and ME at the center, The FILIPINO Elite Male Category CHAMPION

Me and Emma Bishop of The Bike Boutique

Always ask God to give what you deserve, not what you desire…… It’s because, your desires may be few, but you deserve a lot! Thanks to everyone…..

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