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WATER IS LIFE : BSI and Team TBB brings life to Mahalo School « Neil Catiil's Blog


WATER IS LIFE : BSI and Team TBB brings life to Mahalo School

Although 70% of the earth is made up of water, even areas near the city center such as the Mahalo School, which is just about 20 kms. away from Cagayan de Oro City, has no access to water. This has been the students’ and teachers’ major problem ever since the school was built.  Recently, BSI with the assistance of private individuals and companies, including Team TBB (Coach Brett Sutton, Nicola Spirig & Rebekah Keat) funded the design and construction of a “Rain Collection” water system for the Mahalo School.  The Mahalo School is also a privately funded school for indigent children located in the mountainous area of Manggahon, Bayanga.  Now I am happy to say that this major problem has been solved.

BSI or Batang Sports Institute is a privately funded academic and sports scholarship for indigent kids. In fact, I am proud because I am a product of the program even before it was formalized. I graduated as a scholar and athlete last 2007 with a degree in Business Administration, major in Finance. Today, BSI consists of 13 kids and in this organization they teach every BSI member to develop discipline, perseverance and integrity so that they reach their dreams.

Also, once a month, we give school supplies, food, cleaning agents and soap for the students’ hand washing. And part of the program is teaching these kids the importance of sanitation through regular hand washing, that is, how hand washing prevents bacteria that can cause many types of diseases.

Overall, I am so touched seeing these kids with their big smiles when one of the BSI founder handed to their school principal the symbolic “Faucet” that signified that water is now available in their school.

To know know more about BSI, please click on the link below.


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