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Hongkong Triathlon Race « Neil Catiil's Blog


Hongkong Triathlon Race

Before race day, all triathletes were at the field for race briefing. The race director had a bad news. A storm coming towards Hongkong and it’s gonna big problem. He said if the storm will not cease by the morning, it’s going to be either duathlon or postponed the race. Come race day, the storm is gone, so the will continue.

When the race started I was at the back of the pack when suddenly my shoulders tighten and I could not make my stroke well. Then I’m out of the water going to T1, and it’s gonna be a long way to the transition like 800m. In the bike , I catch up one and hang on first, and then make a move to drop him. In the run I catch up two but they stop running and did not finish. Even in the run I suffered the same on my shoulders. Still I continue and finish the race even though I’m behind, placing no. 36. My overall time is 2:10:32, swim 23:56, bike 1:03:58, run 34:38.

But I had bad experience from that race, when I went to the transition to get my bike and my things. My helmet was not there, someone stole it. I tried to talk to the marshal and race director, but they have no idea where it was. The same situation also happen to my fellow teammate, someone stole his swim caps and goggles. There’s this triathlete loss his shoes also.

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