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2010 TRIATHLON ASIAN GAMES – Guangzhou, China « Neil Catiil's Blog


2010 TRIATHLON ASIAN GAMES – Guangzhou, China

Monday 8th of November, I wake up early because we are leaving today, going to Manila for tomorrows flight to Guangzhou China Asian Games. In Manila we went to Sir Tom’s house to get the wetsuit we are going to use in the Asian games, because it might be a wetsuit swim, the water might be very cold on the race. We have dinner in Monalisa at Alabang.  I sleep in Mam Che’s house.

Tuesday, I wake up late, its travel time; I go to the airport at 2pm, because we will be meeting there with my teammate and Coach George and our flight is 5pm. Up in the sky when we are near the airport of Guangzhou, China, I am amaze by what I see, the city was full of sparkling lights.Beautiful lights fill the night of Guangzhou. I saw the Guangzhou Tower, the Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center, the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center Stadium, and the Guangzhou Gymnasium. Then finally we landed at Canton Airport Guangzhou. Many volunteers meet us. They are very charming and entertaining. They take us to the Athletes Village; it’s about 45mins from the airport.

Wednesday, wake up in the morning and walking around the village to loosen up. We ask the volunteer about the swimming pool, because we’ll going to do a water recovery, a little kick- 30mins. maximum. Eat and sleep.

Thursday, in the morning we do 30mins bike at aerobic pace, including 7x30secs speed ups at every 2mins then run off 5mins easy pace. In the afternoon, Swim 300 warm/up every 3rd 25m catch up, 7 x 50m as 25m hard, 25m easy, 10 x 50m on 1:00 and 400m cool down.

Friday, it’s opening of The Guangzhou Asian Games, but we did not attend the parade because it will start at 4pm and finish at 11pm, its kind a tiring so we just stay at the village have a rest for Sunday’s race.

Did you know? Guangzhou, established in 214BC, is a city for its unique culture and a history that stretches back 2200 years. The earliest name for Guangzhou was Chu Ting, but in addition to that name, it is also called “Goat City”, “The City of Rice Ears” and, because flowers are in bloom year round, it is also called “The City of Flowers”. According to a famous legend, a long time ago, the farmlands in Guangzhou ran dry. Food could not be grown and so the people suffered famine. They could do nothing but pray to the heavens for luck. Moved by their piety, five immortals descended from the heaven, riding on goats with coats of different colors and each holding rice ears in its mouth. The immortals gave the rice ears to the people of Guangzhou and promised them that the land would be free from famine. Afterwards, the immortals disappeared into the sky. The five goats that were left behind turned into stone. The Statue of the Five Goats, which stands in Yuexui Park, a popular tourist attraction, was built in memory of this legend. The city was formally named “Guangzhou” in 1921.

Le Yangyang is the name of the leader of the five goats and the name which refers to all of the 16th Asian Games Mascots, each of them sporty and cute, and each serving as an Official Mascot. The Mascots embody a part of Guangzhou’s unique history and culture and each goat has a name: A Xiang, A He, A Ru, A Yi and Le Yangyang. When you put their names together, Xiang He Ru Yi Le Yangyang – which means Peach, harmony and great happiness, they fully express Guangzhou people’s hope thet the 16th Asian Games bring peace, prosperity, success and happiness to the people of Asia and fulfil the Game’s Vision – “Thrilling Games, Harmonious Asia”. Now you know!

Saturday, we go to the triathlon venue for bike checking, race briefing and do a 30mins ride at the race course. Then go back to athlete’s village to have a rest, eat and prepare my stuff for tomorrow’s race. Sleep early and pray.

Finally its race day, I wake up early at 3am fix everything and eat breakfast, then go to the triathlon venue. The horn blows and here we go. At swim I was in the middle together with these two guys. I run quickly to T1 and grab my bike out and left the two guys behind then pedal hard to catch them. On the run I catch two guys again but I was not happy with my run. I slowdown in the last loop of the run and don’t know what happen. I’m 14th overall, clocking 2hrs 5mins 28secs, swim 23mins 2secs, bike 1hr 3mins 3secs and run 37mins 16secs.

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