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Kona ticket with 3rd place in Switzerland

July 31st, 2013 by perbittner

©photo: Sebastian Kuhn/ drehmomente.de

An Ironman is always hard especially with hard conditions like last weekend. IM Switzerland was my first Ironman without wetsuit but wasn´t a big different. At the swim start I missed the fast sim feet so I found me as  the leader in the second swim group with Ronny Schildknecht. After an fast T1 I could hold the pace from Ronny for next 30k but in the hilly part of the course I must drop off. But we catched Marco Albert and I got another good rider to join. I came in T2 in 7th position with just 1min to 5th. The marathon starts and I guess the hardest part in the head on this day. I used  every aid station to fresh up. After 15k I found myself in 5th position and just want to hold this postion because I also struggled a bit. Than Jan Van Berkel the current 2nd  collapses and I found my self in 4th position with 1 minute to the 3rd position. With 15k to go and a motivation shock from Brett Sutton I felt realy good and I focused on my pace again. 5k later I catched the 3rd and I hold the pace high to get a gap between us. I am really happy with my podium. The first goal was my Hawaii ticket but also I want to show a good race after Frankfurt.

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IM Zürich

July 26th, 2013 by perbittner

It’s now almost 3 weeks ago that I raced IM Frankfurt, after some bad luck in that race I double checked my bike for IM zürich this weekend. I had a good regeneration after Frankfurt, it seems I recover faster after every Ironman I have done. I even did a small Olympic distance race in Austria and that went really good. The Mostiman Triathlon in Amstetten/ Austria was a very well organized race and I had so much fun. It was a very positive experiences to win this race and definitely a great Mental push.

Now its time to rock IM Zürich. My preparations went very well, I think it’s going to be a hard race, the temperatures will go up to almost 35 degrees, so it will be a awesome practis for Hawaii.

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IM Frankfurt

July 3rd, 2013 by perbittner

After IM Melbourne I will race my second long distance race in Frankfurt for this saison. My goal is to get enough points to qualify for Kona but I also want to show a good race and a good performance. After my podium in 70.3 Berlin I had a few more good trainings weeks and good motivation.

2011 IM Frankfurt was my first long distance race for me and it was very painfull. This time will not less painfull!

See you on the course!

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Podium in 70.3 Berlin

June 17th, 2013 by perbittner

What did I said….. time to race hard again. I had a great weekend in 70.3 Berlin with an amazing race. The swim was not my best but I managed a gap of 1:30min to the leaders. After the swim it was time to show what I and my P5 cervélo can ride. From the beginning I pushed the pace really hard. The gap getting smaller and I catched the group in front of me after 30k. Now I was 2nd and Micha Raelert with a 4min lead in front. I pushed alone the pace and the guys behind me got dropped. I now there are a few fast runners behind me so I pushed even harder. Just Micha Göhner catched me by 85k. With a 2:07h and the third fastest bike split I am very happy. Now the battle for 2nd and 3rd starts between Göhner and me. After an taff ride it was hard to find your running legs. Göhner and me went the first 15k together with a few attacks. After 17k I got no more energy to hold the pace and I got dropped. I am very happy with my podium in 70.3 Berlin. More important for me is my strong bike part.

Pictures by Ingo Kutsche

Cheers for all the support at home and in Berlin.



1. Michael Raelert (GER) 3:46:56
2. Michael Göhner (GER) 3:51:30
3. Per Bittner (GER) 3:52:14
4. Christian Prochnow (GER) 3:55:47
5. Dorian Wagner (GER) 3:55:55
6. Christian Ritter (GER) 3:57:46
7. Anton Blokhin (UKR) 4:00:58
8. James Third (GBR) 4:01:27
9. George Bjälkemo (SWE) 4:02:34
10. Antony Costes (FRA) 4:03:51

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no time to look back

June 12th, 2013 by perbittner

After an dissapointed race at 70.3 Mallorca and a little injury I am 100% back in training since 4weeks. This weekend will be the last test befor IM Frankfurt. 70.3 Berlin will be the first time in Berlin so it will be interesting to race there.  The swim course is in the river called Spree, the bike course will be on a former airfield  and the running course will be also on the former airfield. The bike course is very technical and flat. A lot of good german pros will race there like Michael Raelert, Dorian Wagner and Christian Ritter.

Time to race hard again!

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70. 3 Mallorca

May 9th, 2013 by perbittner

After my last race IM Melbourne and 2 months of no racing it is time to gear up and race again. This coming Saturday Ironman 70.3 Mallorca will be held for the 3th time and again it’s the kick off race for the European season. That normaly means a high quality field, lots of fast guys will be ready to dick deep and go for the title. It’s a packed field among the Pro men. My preparations have been going well and I will definitely try my up most best, to be in the front with these fast guys!

The swim will be a one loop swim  in the sea and wetsuits will be allowed. The bike course is a beautiful one, with an 8k hill up to” Lluc”, the further course is flat and fast. The wind and warm conditions could make it thougher then expected. The runcourse will see  a 3 lap course partly besides the scenery  beach of Alcudia.

I’m racing some half distance races in my preperations for my next highlight IM Frankfurt. The big day will be on July 7th, so until then, there many weeks for my further preparations. I’m very looking forward to the upcoming races, that will hopefully bring me in to the shape, I will need for a good race in Frankfurt. I do hope to perform well in the next upcoming races, please keep your fingers crossed, I hope to score some extra points for Kona, that would be awesome!

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Ironman Melbourne

March 30th, 2013 by perbittner

Now IM Melbourne is also history and I am already back in Germany. This race was a taff one. The condition wasn t the best but you can t change it.

It is always special to swim in the ocean. I couldn’t t see anything so I tried to catch the feet in front of me. I got of the water with the main pack. The bike starts with strong head wind but I could hold a small gap to the leaders. After 100k I got problems to hold the pace. The last 45k we got tail wind but it was also hard to hold the pace high. 11th place I got off the bike. I had a good felling for the run and it was hard to push the pace not to hard for the first 20ks. After 30k is getting hard for everyone. I catched a few more guys during the last ks and I finished  6th. I was very happy about the my race and the points for kona.

Thanks everyone for supporting me during my journey.

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Ironman Melbourne

March 19th, 2013 by perbittner

After an good start in the saison with the race in abu dhabi it is time for the next race. I will leave Mooloolaba on Wednesday for IM Melbourne. A short look at the pro startlist and you know it will be a hard race. Every one wants the big points for Kona. I had a good time in Australia so far. You can find really good trainings condition here on the sunshinecoast and I feel ready to race again. It is a flat and fast  course with a one way marathon what will be interesting. I got number 13 what is a good sign for me. I am looking for a top 8 result in this high class field what means good point and some cash.

Looking forward to race in Melbourne and hopefully I got a safe trip there.

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7th at abu dhabi triathlon

March 8th, 2013 by perbittner

Where can I start. Its began with a long journey and when arrived in abu dhabi I was really impressed about the city. Here is everything a bit bigger, this counts also for the race. It starts with a 2lap swim in the ocean. After my first lap I lost the contact to leading group but I hold a 30sec gap. With a fast T1 and a fast ride I try to catch the first guys but I doesn’t got the first boys. I just catch some boys from the first group. At the formula 1 course, macca came from behind I and I try to fallow him. After 20k with macca I must found my own pace. The last 20k was really hard and I just want get off the bike. During my run I felt the head even more. I used every aid station for nutrition and cool down the body. I doesn’t felt realy good during the run but I got the 3th fastest run split of the day. I got a good start in the saison with my 7th place.

Now I am sitting in mooloolaba to prepare for IM Melbourne. I had a terrible journey to Australia but now I fell really comfortable here.

Cheers Per

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Abu Dhabi Triathlon

February 28th, 2013 by perbittner

Its race time. Iam still in abu dhabi and sitting in my hotel. The work for today is done. This Saturday will my kick off for the saison with the abu dhabi triathlon. Its my first time here and I must say it is very impressive to be here. Its not easy to cool down when half of the bests athletes want to kick some asses this weekend. But I try to keep cool. I had a good preparation so far and it is time to show that.

Cheers Per

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