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First pro win at Challenge Barcelona half

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

What a race! It was running really well  and I got to the first main group of the water. My goal was to make my own race and push hard on bike from the start. I felt realy good and  I was able to drive away from the group.  After catching the fourth and thirt I pushed even harder for the first position. I came in T2 with 1:30 to the leader and a gab from over 3:00 to the group behind me. I knowed today everything is possible. I focused on a fast run. After 7k got the lead of the race and keep on to hold the lead. With 3min to the second I catched my first pro win.

Big thanks to the whole challenge family for a great event. Thanks to all who have supported me and believed in me.

Half-Challenge Barcelona-Maresme, 27. Mai 2012, Calella (ESP)
Name Nation Gesamt 1,9 km Swim 85 km Bike 21 km Run
1 Per Bittner GER 3:50:35 23:57 2:10:50 1:15:48
2 Stanislav Krylov FRA 3:53:45 22:53 2:09:43 1:21:09
3 Raul Amatriain Arraiza ESP 3:55:15 26:33 2:14:29 1:14:13
4 Miquel Blanchart Tinto ESP 3:55:56 23:44 2:15:10 1:17:02
5 Andreas Borch DEN 3:56:37 23:48 2:15:03 1:17:46
6 Jarmo Hast FIN 3:56:46 23:49 2:15:17 1:17:40
7 Gwenael Quilleres ESP 4:01:42 25:57 2:14:53 1:20:52
8 Dejan Patrcevic CRO 4:01:45 26:18 2:14:25 1:21:02
9 Javier Miquel Benedited ESP 4:01:52 28:17 2:12:54 1:20:41
10 James Elvery NZL 4:03:01 23:33 2:16:11 1:23:17

Challenge Barcelona half

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

The next race is on the list: Challenge Barcelona half. I could work out well the last few weeks and I have very much been on the bike. I have good memories of Barcelona last year, where I was second on the long distance race.  It’s a fast course for fast splits. Let’s hope I’m going home with my first win this season. Last but not least right before the challenge my new X:2 wetsuit from 2XU arrived today.

Cheers Per

School lesson in Buschhütten

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

With a good feeling I drove to the competition. The weather changes to cold and rain but okay. It  was a very bad start for me. I had no chance to come on the first position and I was on a very slow lane. I lost around 1min to the top guys. From the beginning I tried to push the pace very hard on the bike but no chance for me to leave the group or catch the next group. For the last 10k I just sit in the group and wait for the end of a very cold bike part. For the run I lost a bit my motivation. At the end I got 12th in very good field but I wasn’t satisfait. I am looking forward to race the next time under the sun in Barcelona.

Cheers Per

Buschhütten Triathlon

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

It’s time for another race I think. I had a good  regeneration after Challenge Fuerteventura also the weather was very good here in Germany for some good work. Next weekend is the kick off race in Germany: Buschhütten Triathlon. This means a lot of ITU athletes like Steffen Justus, Maik Petzold, Vasiliev brothers and long- distance athletes like Andreas Raelert, Sebastian Kienle and Jan Raphael come together to race in a non- draft race. It’s a olympic distance with 1k swim in a pool, 40k on an highway and a fast 10k course. So we will see what role do I play.