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devil of green hell

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

The hardest half I´ve ever done. I knew the course from the paper but that means nothing. I had a great swim so I leave the water with 2.30min gap to the boys behind me. I would to start the bike easy that I have enogh power at the end of the bike. After 60k I got passed by the the second and after 80k I got passed by Christian but I hold the contact to both guys. I came very close in T2 to the boys. I closed the gap to the leader Christian after 3k. After 6k ran away and held the lead until the finish line. It was a hard race after an hard week. Respekt to all finishers of this race. It wasent just hilly it was also very windy. It was the first competition there but I know this course will bring al lot of pain in the future.


1. Per Bittner 4:57:37
2. Christian Nitschke 4:59:09
3. Jürgen Stilgenbauer 5:04:49
4. Clemens Coenen 5:08:18
5. Ulrich Konschak 5:11:08

Cheers per

photos by marcel hilger

next weekend next race

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Green hell half triathlon will be the last test befor challenge Roth. It is a very hard bike  course with 2800hm on an motor race course. Also the run will be not easy. There are a few local geman athlets on the start line. After a taff trainings week it will be a hard weekend. The countdown is on for challenge Roth.

cheers per

Challenge Kraichgau

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Last weekend Challenge Kraichgau was not my best race. At least I got 11th in a very good field. The swim was fast but I got out with the first guys.I changed my swim training a bit and  cheers at this point for the fast 2xu X:2 wetsuit, both workes out. It was a big leader group after the swim till 30k.  I felt pretty good in that group.  But then Seb Kienle came from behind he smashed the group and I can’t hold the pace. A few guys also can’t hold the pace and we build the second group. I tried to hold the pace high but my legs doesn’t felt good. I was very happy to get off the bike from a very hilly course in the hope of a fast run but the gab was too big for a top10 today. So I tried to bring it to a good end for me with the 5th fastest run split. I don’t know whats happen on the bike because I know there is more in the pocket. The focus is still on bike training for me.


Name Nation Gesamt 1,9 km Swim 90 km Bike 21,1 km Run
1 Andreas Raelert GER 3:48:15 23:26 2:12:51 1:09:29
2 Sylvain Sudrie FRA 3:50:57 23:21 2:11:30 1:13:26
3 Sebastian Kienle GER 3:51:11 25:14 2:11:15 1:12:17
4 Mike Aigroz SUI 3:53:24 23:34 2:12:40 1:14:28
5 Dorian Wagner GER 3:54:13 23:29 2:12:52 1:15:20
6 Timo Bracht GER 3:54:45 23:28 2:12:51 1:15:55
7 Nikolay Yaroshenko RUS 3:55:48 23:27 2:12:40 1:17:01
8 Konstantin Bachor GER 3:56:28 23:31 2:11:41 1:18:38
9 Felix Schumann GER 3:56:36 23:30 2:12:44 1:17:48
10 Nicholas Fernandez BRA 3:58:20 23:39 2:12:45 1:19:15

11      Per Bittner        GER       3:59:56     23:39       2:19:0      1:14:48

In 4 weeks is the next highlight with ETU Challenge Roth european championship. My first long distance race for this season.

Cheers Per

Nothing to lose: ETU Challenge Kraichgau half European championship

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

After a few sunny and relaxed days in Calella I flew back to germany. The weather changed from summer to autumn but the training needs to go the normal way. The next race will be ones of my highlights this year. A lot of stars are on the start line like A. Realert, Kienle and Bracht. Just a few names. The course is a bit hilly but not like in Fuerte. It will be my first start in Kraichgau. I feel pretty good after my win in Barcelona. Lets hope the sun comes out and we can rock again.


Cheers Per