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Hard day at Challenge Barcelona

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

After an rainy Saturday, I was glad to hear no rain Sunday morning.
The sea was a little nervous, which probably reflected the mood of the field. Everyone was excited about the start. The front has build up from 4-5 people. With eye contact, I swam in the second group. After the swim, I had 1:30 minutes behind the leaders. My goal was, as soon as possible to close the gap. After 30km I could ascend to the first set and I took the lead. The group did very well, but after 140km we were overtaken by a few athletes from behind. At this time also the later second placed overflown us. From there it was no longer around and the pace was slightly abducted. In the chase group with 6-8 other athletes we reached T2. After a quick exchangea 5 man group and me tryed to catch the leader. Till 20k we worked together from then on, I had problem with my knee and thigh muscles. My run changed from streching up to 4:00 min pace. The last 10k were a little better, so I turned back on the third after an hard fight.
Of course I was there to win but after the problems during the race happy with 3rd.
Thus, long distance, you never know what is coming and it can change everything in every minute. After a long, hard but successful season, I’m happy with a few weeks of rest.

1 Bas Diederen NED 8:20:07 48:03 4:35:48 2:54:35
2 Georg Swoboda AUT 8:22:14 57:40 4:17:41 3:04:47
3 Per Bittner GER 8:22:47 49:37 4:34:28 2:57:16
4 Miguel Blanchart Tinto ESP 8:23:16 49:34 4:38:47 2:52:57
5 Joe Skipper GBR 8:23:57 54:08 4:38:54 2:58:38

cheers Per