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Kona ticket with 3rd place in Switzerland « Per Bittner's Blog


Kona ticket with 3rd place in Switzerland

©photo: Sebastian Kuhn/ drehmomente.de

An Ironman is always hard especially with hard conditions like last weekend. IM Switzerland was my first Ironman without wetsuit but wasn´t a big different. At the swim start I missed the fast sim feet so I found me as  the leader in the second swim group with Ronny Schildknecht. After an fast T1 I could hold the pace from Ronny for next 30k but in the hilly part of the course I must drop off. But we catched Marco Albert and I got another good rider to join. I came in T2 in 7th position with just 1min to 5th. The marathon starts and I guess the hardest part in the head on this day. I used  every aid station to fresh up. After 15k I found myself in 5th position and just want to hold this postion because I also struggled a bit. Than Jan Van Berkel the current 2nd  collapses and I found my self in 4th position with 1 minute to the 3rd position. With 15k to go and a motivation shock from Brett Sutton I felt realy good and I focused on my pace again. 5k later I catched the 3rd and I hold the pace high to get a gap between us. I am really happy with my podium. The first goal was my Hawaii ticket but also I want to show a good race after Frankfurt.

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